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 Sicily (Cici)

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PostSubject: Sicily (Cici)   Sicily (Cici) EmptyTue Apr 10, 2012 11:35 pm

Out of Character Information

Name: Stix
Position: Member
Gender: Female
Contact Me: Email, phone, social media, etc.
Date Joined: Sometime in 2011 lol
RP Characters: Blazin' Fury, Khalessi, Bandit, Sansa, Kovarro

Character Information

Name: Sicily (Cici)
Age: 3
Gender: Female
Species: Gray Wolf
Strengths: Entertaining, loyal, funny, playful, problem-solving, Intuition, open-minded, submissive
Weaknesses: Responsibility, Speed, Combat, Ability to handle pressure, keeping calm
Rank: Pup Sitter

Sicily (Cici) 28007204_wolf2
Appearance: Despite her very mixed appearance (both color and species wise) Sicily is very much a full gray wolf. However, the fist thing you would notice about Sicily is she is a small chubby individual. She is thick in appearance because of her coat and also lays on the bigger side of the wolf spectrum. In the wild it is hard to maintain such a healthy weight, but somehow she has managed with an abnormally slow metabolism. One wouldn't be able to take it as far as calling her fat, but she is thick in ways most females would be petite and skinny, yet one wouldn't necessarily call it muscle either.

Sicily (Cici) 1PersonalityBanner2
Sicily is a happy-go-lucky wolf that can be quite the pushover. She never seems to notice when others are being 'seriously' harsh or mean, and sometimes this can make her seem a bit unintelligent. However in her ignorance there is bliss. Cici loves to play and run with others and takes on to all animals alike rather quickly.

She's the perfect member in the way she obeys every command, and is as submissive as they come. Very gullible she can fall for just about anything anyone tells her. Sicily is one to never let anything try to bring her down, but occasionally some of the meaner pack members succeed in hurting her feelings. She hides the pain and shuts herself away for long periods during this time.

If ever you were bored or was looking for some fun, Cici would be the one you'd want to visit. She keeps the pups entertained and is always willing to have a companion for her silly made up games. She is the first to go out on a limb. She loves to go on adventures and have fun, be it with herself or with someone else. Instead of making choices she likes to have them made for her, and leave everything up to fate.

Nurturing and kind, Sicily is usually the better half of the wolf population. She isn't too shy and can usually be trusted easily. She thanks the higher beings for the close friends and is extremely loyal to those who have proven themselves worthy. Blessed with high intuition she can pick up on others feelings and moods, and is always there to be a friend when needed.

Key Factors:
Respectful - Cici is just full of courtesy and politeness. She holds a high regard of respect for all living things and you will never catch her being insulting,destructive, or wretched in behavior.
Caring - With her respect for nature and life comes a state of mind that holds a deep concern for those around her. She is always willing to tend to the needs of others, even to those who others believe don't deserve the pleasure.
Passive - Unresisting in nature Sicily is a wolf who is is very receptive to external forces of influences. She wont speak unless spoken to and it's very easy to convince her to do things, even if she isn't necessarily wanting to.
Soft-Spoken - You will never catch Sicily giving commands or speaking in harsh tones. She is one who speaks softly and because of this she is easily persuasive. It's hard to reject a request from her gentle tongue as it will most likely make you feel like the worst wolf in the world.
Comforting - To be around Cici is always a pleasure as one never has to feel tense or cautious around someone who poses no threat. Her presence offers solace and tranquility, and you will often find relaxation of mind and body when in her vicinity. She offers a ear to those who must release stress verbally and encouragement or support for those who need it.

Sicily (Cici) 1HistoryBanner2
When Sicily was born no one ever thought she would make it, she came out the womb weak and unable to contend with her brothers for a nipple to feed. Miraculously, through help of healer and the nurture of a true mother she survived and beat the odds of all runt-like pups worldwide. She was always different, having more energy than her siblings and a sort of detachment that was unnatural for such a small pup. She was never aware of her surroundings, and often found herself lost from being sidetracked by minute things. She was a pup who didn't fear and cling to mommas side like the others did. She wandered off all too often and risked being killed more than one could count.Under strict supervision she again beat the odds and grew to be a rather omega-like wolf from an alpha pair. Unfortunately these childish ways that Sicily never quite grew out of never exactly had a place among her serious minded pack, and soon they all came to the conclusion that Sicily was of a sick kind, a mental state of sickness that no healer could ever come to cure. Refusing to waste prey and harbor a sick member, she became an outcast and was thrown out soon after, left to wander about (which she didn't much mind). The freedom to go wherever she pleased and do what she wanted was inviting, and that sense of detachment she had for her pack (exluding her mother and friends) only aided in repelling her further and further away.

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Sicily (Cici)
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