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 Karbon - Male

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PostSubject: Karbon - Male   Karbon - Male EmptyWed May 30, 2012 1:49 am

Out of Character Information

Name: Buck
Position: Site Creator
Gender: Female
Contact Me:
Date Joined: Creator
RP Characters: Blitzen, Chaos, Molly, Tessa, Xerxses, Casanova, Dakota, Bleu, Aries

Character Information

Name: Karbon
Age: 2.5 Years
Gender: Male
Species: Timber Wolf
Mate: None
Pups: None
Strengths: Strong, Clever, Intelligent, Agile, Observant
Weaknesses: Short Temper, No patience, Indecisive, Bipolar, Committment Issues
Pack: Kachle
Rank: Pack Member

Karbon - Male KarbonRef
Appearance: Karbon has completely black, thick, and medium-long fur. His legs are about average length for his breed, his muzzle is long and angled, his ears pointed and large. He has large, round, green eyes that always seem to be hiding something. He keeps himself clean and healthy, and his muscles are large enough to make him look strong, but not too large to make him appear bulky and awkwardly large. Lastly, his tail is long and bushy, and is often hanging limply behind him.

Karbon - Male Personalitybanner
Karbon is a fairly complicated wolf. He avoids getting too close to anyone because he fears committment, and well, he doesn't always 'play well with others'. He is a loner at heart, and has jumped from one pack to another his entire life. He doesn't talk much, and even when he does, he doesn't really say much. He is, however, often very opinionated. He has a very short temper, as well as nearly no level of patience at all. He's used to throwing his weight around to get his way, so he's a rather experienced fighter, which he hardly ever misses a chance to prove.

Regardless of his lack of self control, Karbon is incredibly intelligent and almost hyper-observant. He rarely misses anything, and he's almost always alert and ready. He's always prepared for anything, regardless of what might come his way. Also, when it suits him, he has a very clever and quick tongue, incredibly, even sometimes charming and witty when it suits him.

Karbon - Male 1HistoryBanner2
Karbon grew up in a small pack, which later broke up becaus of a famine. That's when he went out on his own, around the age of 1.5 years. HE's been on his own ever since, thankfully never running into his family or anyone from his old pack. He never really got along with anyone in his pack, nor in his family, which he really didn't care about. He's been on his own ever since he broke away from them, jumping from pack to pack, building up specific skills here and there. He's used to being on his own, and most of the time prefers it that way. He's never been tied down, and he doesn't plan on doing so in the future, either.

Now, onto the part of his history that he isn't totally aware of. He thought he was born into his home pack, however, he was left in their territory by his mother, along with his siblings. They were then cared for by the females in the pack. His mother, unknown to him, is Chaos. She was young when it happened, and some would say it was the turning point in her life. When she turned against her kind and started hating the world. She was alone wandering her pack's borders one day and was attacked and raped by a rogue male, leaving her pregnant with his pups. Too ashamed to return to her pack pregnant, she left and gave birth outside the borders, staying with the pups until they were old enough to see, then abandoned them within another pack's borders and hovered nearby to ensure they were accepted and taken care of. Then she returned to her birth pack, keeping the secret even to this day.

As Karbon wandered around the borders of Silverlight, he came across Molly, a pack female who had been living in the caves near the mountains. Eventually he got to know her and her mate, Coven, and later, when Silverlight split into four packs, he joined Kachle as a pack member.

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PostSubject: Re: Karbon - Male   Karbon - Male EmptyWed May 30, 2012 4:00 am

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Karbon - Male
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