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 Roztok Pack Info

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PostSubject: Roztok Pack Info   Roztok Pack Info EmptyWed Jul 18, 2012 4:19 pm

Roztok Pack Info RoztokBanner

The Roztok wolf pack is one of the more reserved and aloof packs in Incendio. Their territory lies in the southern-most region, bordered by Kachle at the Sinking Swamp, and by Krajina at the border of the Eastern Forest. Their territory is bordered on the southern side by the Southern Rapids, which are both beautiful and deadly, a lot like the residing pack. The wolves of Roztok are fairly large wolves, even a lot of their females are quite formidable compared to those of Zakruta. The Roztok pack is a proud pack, one that works together as a unit and rarely fights within itself, even small quarrels are not worth the time of day. The wolves that live here are proud of their heritage, and they are very intelligent and strong, and tend to rely more on strategy and strength than in numbers or ferocity. The Roztok pack would best be described as a pack of warriors, though their hunting skills are not half bad either. Overall, the Roztok pack is powerful, and they are not wolves to be messed with.

In a few words: Warriors, Powerful, Proud, Impulsive, Analytic, Aloof

Males: 6
Females: 4

Alpha Male:Zetos
Alpha Female:--
Beta Male:Xerxses
Beta Female:--
Warriors:Cloud, White Fang
Pack Members:Pravin, Ramses, Seska, Thunder
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Roztok Pack Info
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