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 Spirit Character Application

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Spirit Character Application Empty
PostSubject: Spirit Character Application   Spirit Character Application EmptyMon Sep 10, 2012 10:30 pm

Spirit Characters are rare, and ONLY those with 3000+ points are allowed a spirit character. It is NOT required, simply an option at this point. However, you must apply for a character here and then wait for it to be accepted by a staff member. Please fill out the form below...

[u]Spirit Character's Name:[/u]
[u]Spirit Character's Personality:[/u]
[u]Spirit Character's Ability:[/u] (see the list of abilities and their descriptions below this form)
[u]Spirit Character's Earth-Pack:[/u] (this is one of the four packs that your spirit character is tied to. It may not communicate with any wolves outside of this pack without permission from the highest ranking spirit)
[u]Spirit Character's Mortal Past:[/u] (What was your spirit character's life like before they became a spirit?)
[u]Spirit Character's Physical Description:[/u] (Please type at least a 100 word description. You may provide a picture AS WELL, but a written description is required. Your character must be a wolf, but you may have odd coloring. No wings, no jewelry.)
[u]Your Total Points:[/u]
[u]Example Post:[/u] (at least 250 word example post with your potential spirit character)

Spirit Abilities coming soon...
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Spirit Character Application
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