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 Blazin' Fury (Blaze)

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PostSubject: Blazin' Fury (Blaze)   Thu Jun 02, 2011 11:23 pm

Out of Character Information

Name: Stixs
Position: Member
Gender: Female
Contact Me: - email
Date Joined: 06/02/11
RP Characters: Khalessi, Sicily, Bandit, Sansa, Kovarro

Character Information

Name: Blazin' Fury
Alias: Blaze
Age: Seven
Gender: Male
Species: Timber x Artic
Strengths: Pyshical Strength, Sense of hearing, Combat, Endurance, Seduction
Weaknesses: Speed, Sense of smell, females in heat, abiding by rules, Patience
Rank: Loner

Appearance: Blaze's size lays more on the bigger side of the normal wolven stature. He usually towers over most and is thicker in muscle. On the right side of his muzzle is a long scar from nose to eye, or just underneath it, obtained frm a vicious battle with his father. The wound has officially hindered his sense of smell, but in compensation has heightened his sense of hearing. He has other numerous scars from plenty a tussle, but none that are crippling, just battle scars to show off to the ladies.

Hmm, how do I put this strange one into words? Well for starters Blaze is a dominant prick. Born with a fiery personality and larger size, from day one he seemed to be a total ass. Always has he been one to despise anything having to do with rules, titles, authority, and packs. He says what he wants and does what he feels like. Equipped with a smart ass mouth and brawn to match, he gets into trouble all too easily, and enjoys the challenge of getting himself out. A true born fighter, Blaze is a male hater and will most likely tempt one into a brawl without a seconds hesitation.

Don't underestimate him though, he has good enough sense when it comes to combat and has spent his six years wisely learning the art. He's pretty smart, but barely shows it. The one thing that can ever get past his rough and brutal demeanor are the FEMALES!

If he isn't fighting Blaze is spending his time stalking or seducing a female. An all time favorite passion are the wolfess' and Blaze adapts to their mating needs to land himself one. Be my guest to call him a player, but there is no doubt to any that the bond he creates with them is something false. He has a talent for it, and can't help himself when it comes to exercising it..

Not many know Blaze's history, nor could they learn to accept his decisions. When he was young, him and his brother Rhaego killed their father who was leader of the pack. Unfortuneately their own mother turned on them and tried to intervene to save her mate's life. She too had died along with him, but only as collateral damage. Knowing the rest of the pack would be after them due to strong ties and loyalty, Rhaego and Blaze fled the packlands, but not before snatching up the only pups that had managed to survive the winter; Nariko and Dakota.
From there the brothers traveled as loners, taking care of their younger sisters, teaching them how to survive and protecting them until they too were of age. Soon the family had their own traveling pack that thrived in the warmer months and survived off of pack hospitality in the winter. The small band of wolves travelled where ever they pleased, staying with many packs along the way, sometimes longer than needed.
It was a vast valley that they happened to stumble upon that doomed the family altogether. A land divided into three separate packs, one trying to take claim over the others, while the other two came together to fight off the power hungry alpha. The small family was split by unfortuneate events of love, loyalty, and desperation and each member of the family became entitled to a different pack, causing strife and sorrow. Family ties were stretched thin, until finally, battered and broken it died.
Blaze was forced to move on, experience a new chapter in his life that only told the tales of Blaze and his loner adventures.

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PostSubject: Re: Blazin' Fury (Blaze)   Thu Jun 02, 2011 11:58 pm

I understand that your wolf is a 'flirt', but please make sure you follow the mating/fighting rules. Nothing mature or inappropriate.

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Blazin' Fury (Blaze)
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