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 Blitzen - Alpha Male Of Silverlight

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PostSubject: Blitzen - Alpha Male Of Silverlight   Blitzen - Alpha Male Of Silverlight EmptyFri Jun 03, 2011 1:34 pm

Out of Character Information

Name: Buck
Position: Administrator
Gender: Female
Contact Me: AIM: ickyvicki84 -- Email: -- Neopets: wolflover32245
Date Joined: Site Creator
RP Characters: Blitz, Chaos, Molly, Aries, Casanova, Bleu, Ember, Xerxses, Dakota

Character Information

Name: Blitzen (Blitz)
Age: 8 years - DECEASED (06/12/2012)
Gender: Male
Species: Arctic Wolf
Mate: Rayne
Pups: Blitzen Jr., Rylie, Buck, Cricket
Family: Xerxses (brother)
Strengths: Brute Strength, Sharp eyesight, Charismatic, Critical and Fast thinker, Cunning
Weaknesses: Large size makes him slower than most, Silent/Doesn't talk much, Proud, Stubborn, Sensitive(sometimes)
Rank: Alpha Male

Blitzen - Alpha Male Of Silverlight Blitzen2
Appearance: Blitz is all white, his fur thick and well-cared for, perfect for keeping him warm in cold climates and protecting his body in a fight. He is larger than most Arctic Wolves, making him stick out above the rest. His eyes are a very dark brown, appearing almost black at first glance. His ears are large and round, his paws large as well, built for walking through deep snow. His tail is large and fluffy, protecting him and helping him move and navigate through water and snow. He's strong and very muscled, looking more like a monster than a wolf

Blitzen - Alpha Male Of Silverlight PersonalityBanner
In a few words, Blitz can be described as a thoughtful wolf. His mind is always moving miles a minute, analyzing situations and possible outcomes as well as solutions and underlying issues. He is painfully observant, picking up on almost anything, even a slight hint of distress in another's eyes. His eyes are deep and passionate, making those that stare into them feel as if they could get lost in the intense gaze that the male typically wears. It is as if he uses his eyes are seeing into another's soul,, piercing their outershell and searching for the true depth of their heart and mind. Blitz is a wolf of few words, prefering to remain quiet and observant than to speak out and jump to conclusions. His mind is one that analyzes and studies, his words all carefully planned out long before they exit his muzzle. Although his words are carefully planned, Blitz hardly ever hesitates to speak his mind. The male is almost always completely honest, no matter how blunt and difficult his words may be. However, his intentions are not to insult or harm those around them, but to build them up and strengthen them for the future.

His pack lands, the spirits, and his pack members are like family to him. They are the most important aspect of his life. Food can wait, water is of no importance when it comes to his fellow wolves and Silverlight. He is intensely loyal, always looking out for his members and for his home before caring for himself or what he wants. His needs and desires are far less important than the needs of his pack. Basically, Blitz would do anything for Silverlight, and it's inhabitants. Finally, the male has a powerful sense of leadership and responsibility. He is strict and demands respect, but at the same time he is soft and welcoming to those around him. He is fair and kind, aiming to help his pack instead of reach his own goals. If there is any wolf that you would call reliable, it's Blitz. The male hardly ever disappoints, doing just as he says and even more every time. He had a keen sense of responsibility, and even though he may fail, he never hesitates to own up to his mistakes and learn from them.

Blitzen - Alpha Male Of Silverlight HistoryBanner
Blitz grew up as a child of a pair of wolves that lived on their own, raising him and his two brothers away from pack life. No three youngsters had ever been as close as the three brothers were. They would drive thier mother insane with their desperate sprawling towards the den entrance, annoy their father with their squeaks and little growls as they played. But no matter how much their family fought, they remained close and loving, taking care of each other and watching out for the little ones. Everything was wonderful, the three boys grew fast, Blitz and his two brothers, twins, almost able to get around all on their own. But then the fire hit. It engulfed the entire forest, leaving their den surrounded by deadly fire. This left their parents with no choice but to flee. As the den filled up with smoke, the pups began to squeal and whimper, tumbling over each other in search of relief and of their parents. His father grabbed him, his mother one of his brothers, the other was too much to carry. Blitz had gained his sight by this point in his life, and one of the strongest memories in his mind was the image of his youngest brother sprawling after them, unable to keep up as he was carried away by his father to safety. Blitz knew that his father wanted nothing more than to return for his brother, but once they reached safety, there was no re-entery, nor was there any hope of finding the abandoned pup.

His parents had set up a meeting place if anything like this were to happen, and his father headed straight for the spot, dropping Blitz onto the soft grass and calling out into the sky, desperate to hear his mate's reply. But time after time he was greeted with only the sound of crackling fire and snapping tree branches in the distance. There was no sign of his mother or his other brother. They remained nearby for weeks, his father returning to the same spot nearly every hour to see if his mate had found her way out of the fire. But each day the spot was empty, and after several weeks his growling stomach and his weakening pup forced him to abandon the area in search of a safe den and prey. Soon they found a secure den within a maze of caverns, something no predator would ever find little Blitz inside. His father left to hunt, leaving the little pup curled up into a ball, whimpering because of the intense pain in his empty belly. But he was not destined to die of hunger, and his father returned with food, caring for the pup and helping him regain his strength. After that food became a regular occurrance, and his father cared for him well, resulting in the fast and impressive growth of the young wolf. Soon Blitz was old enough to being hunting on his own, and his father taught him all he knew. The young male was clumbsy and awkward at first, learning slowly, but paying close attention and committing everything his father said into memory. Soon his skills became quite impressive, and as his father grew in age, Blitz took over the responsibility of bringing home meals.

But then the famine hit. It seemed like overnight that the prey disappeared. Blitz would leave the den before dawn and return after dark with nothing but an empty stomach. Soon his father began to leave the den in search of food as well, hoping that they would find an end to the famine and return to the days of plenty. It was a frigid winter day when Blitz woke, finding the den empty without his father. Naturally he assumed he had gone hunting early, which he often did, and the young male rose to join him. When he exited the den his nose lowered to the ground, picking up his father's scent and following it. He walked for nearly an hour before the scent grew stronger, signalling that his father must be nearby. But as Blitz rounded a bend in the path he skidded to a stop, a threatening hiss and snarl stopping him in his tracks. He took a few steps back, surprised by the enormous Lynx in front of him. But the size of the feline was not the most surprising sight he would have today, for at her feet was the body of his father, fallen prey to the dangerous female. Blitz had arrived too late, and no matter how angry he was, there was no point in risking his life seeking revenge on the feline. So he went on his way, abandoning their shared den and venturing north where he came upon Silverlight, which is where his real journey began.

The rest, is history.
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Blitzen - Alpha Male Of Silverlight
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