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 The Lone Wolf

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PostSubject: The Lone Wolf   The Lone Wolf EmptyWed Dec 12, 2012 3:47 am

Out of Character Information

Name: Hallie or Altair
Position: Member
Gender: Female
Contact Me: PM or email:
Date Joined: Same Date As Altair: 04 December 2012
RP Characters: Hallie and Altair
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Character Information

Name: Hallie
Age: 4
Gender: Female
Species: Timber Wolf
Strengths: Quick, Kind, Learns Quickly, Working Together, Adventurous
Weaknesses: Afraid Of Bears, Runs On Emotions, Guarded, Cautious, Aggressive
Rank: Hunter
The Lone Wolf 831-gray-wolf
The Lone Wolf European-gray-wolf--007
Hallie is a small female, about average size for a Timber wolf. Most of her body is covered in a creamy tan color. Grey finds its way across her face, making the cutest mask. Her feet are tiny and delicate, but quick and cunning. Black rests along her spine and sides. It also tips her tail. Her eyes shine like the sun, bright and vibrant. The colors in her fur make her eyes pop. Her coat is well taken care of as she spends time cleaning and caring for it. Her ears are rather alive, moving towards every noise she hears like a sonar. Her body is built for speed, making it small and packed.

The Lone Wolf Personalitybanner

Hallie is a different breed of wolf. She is unique and awkward at times. She grew up feeling unloved by others, and therefore does not show love easily. She was abused at a young age and is not trusting of males. She can be cold from her upbringing, but she will never give up. If there is anything she wants in life, she will accomplish it. If she feels challenged, she will strike or at least defend herself. She knows she is not the strongest, but will do all that she can to stand up for herself and others that need her. She can be kind once she warms up to you, but before that point, she may be cold and harsh. She has been a lone for most of her life and does not need others to make herself feel safe. She is independent and in charge of her life. Nobody will use her, or do anything to her without her say so ever again.

The Lone Wolf 1HistoryBanner2

Born to Father: Abram and Mother: Tanya, she was the first litter of five. All of the pups were females. The Alpha delegated her parents as “useless” and forced them to the rank of Omegas. What was a wolf which could not raise strong pups? The five pups were treated differently than the rest. They were always picked on and antagonized, by not only the pups but adults as well. “No female would ever grow to be strong with such weak parents,” they used to say.

Hallie took this as a challenge. She would train herself to become better than these mongrels, to rise up and achieve something. She pushed herself to the limits, learning her body and all it could take. She had agility on her side. While the other wolves were large and stalky, she had paws that could get her anywhere in a flash. Her sisters even gave her the nickname “Flash”. But soon the young wolf would be put to the test. A male, Akuma, called her out. He challenged her. There was no way she could back down or say no, so she agreed.
They fought in the middle of the square. He used blunt force to try and stop her, but her moves were too darn quick. When he would lunge to the left, she dashed to the right. At one point she had even slipped underneath him. The whole pack watched in awe as she made a fool of the large male before her. Now almost 2 years of age, she was using all of her skills over the years. The Alpha male called the fight over, making her the winner. Anger burned deep within Akuma and he promised he would get his revenge.

One late night, Hallie was asleep in her den. Akuma snuck inside, quietly, not disturbing or waking her. He mounted her as she slept. When she awoke his teeth were holding onto her scruff, pinning her down. She whimpered and cried as she struggled to be free. But Akuma would not release her, not until he was finished. Finally she grew tired of fighting and the pain, she gave in. Akuma knew the penalty for having pups without the Alpha’s consent and permission. As he finished he pulled himself from her, and walked out chuckling. Hallie did not move, nor get up from her den.

Weeks passed and it was apparent that she was pregnant. She could no longer hide it from her pack. The Alphas were furious with her and her decision to disobey the rules of the pack. She tried to explain that Akuma had went beyond her will, but they would not listen. Why would their son disobey pack law? Hallie was banished from the pack, forced to give birth alone and fend for her young alone.

She became malnourished since she could hardly hunt. Finally when the pups were born, she could rest. Days passed and the pups continued to whine and cry. There was no nourishment for them. There was nothing for her. She could not love these little monsters and decided it was best for her to leave them. But she could not do it without someone taking them in. She picked up her two pups and carried them far from the place of her old family. She placed them at the border of a pack, howled for the Alphas and left. She watched in the bushes as the Alpha and Alphess went to the border. As the heard the pups cry, they ran to them. Immediately the Alphess felt terrible for them. The two adults grabbed the pups and took them into their camp.

Hallie turned her head away from them and never returned again.
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PostSubject: Re: The Lone Wolf   The Lone Wolf EmptyWed Dec 12, 2012 3:55 am

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The Lone Wolf
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