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Available Positions:
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 Trilogy - Female

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PostSubject: Trilogy - Female   Trilogy - Female EmptySat Dec 15, 2012 3:16 am

Out of Character Information

Name: Buck
Position: Owner
Gender: Female
Contact Me:
Date Joined: Creator
RP Characters: Buck, Blitzen Spirit, Molly, Tessa, Dakota, Bleu, Ember
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Character Information

Name: Trilogy
Age: 3 years
Gender: Female
Species: Arctic Wolf
Strengths: Intelligent, Fast, Observant, Agile, Witty
Weaknesses: Small, Frightened of males, self-conscious, stubborn, proud
Rank: Healer

Trilogy - Female WOV-08-LS0003-01P
Appearance: Trilogy is smaller than average, much smaller, in fact. Her fur is almost completely white, though there is some grey coloring spread lightly across her neck, back and tail. Her eyes are a light honey-color, though when she's upset or angry or frightened, they darken to a fiery auburn. Her form is thin and feminine, and overall, she can be described as a delicate creature. Though beware, her size and shape do not define her abilities.

Trilogy - Female Personalitybanner
Trilogy is a complicated female, and her personality cannot really be explained in words. It is much simpler to experience her as she continues to develop, though an attempt to explain her is due. She is smaller than average(about 22 inches tall), but this by no means defines her. In fact, it is not uncommon for her to surprise those around her with her confidence, as well as her boldness and strength. She may not have size and muscle on her size, but she's got a mouth on her, and she is quite agile as well. Over all, though, she tends to do her best to be friendly and polite, but that doesn't mean she can be pushed around.

In a relaxed state, she likes to enjoy her surroundings, the world around her and it's many wonders. She likes to talk and enjoy the company of others, and she adores pups. She is an expert at keeping herself in check and in control, though that doesn't mean that there aren't times that she looses herself as well as her temper. As for her temper, it can get nasty when she gets worked up. She grew up with two brothers, and she is quite adept at taking care of herself, as well as sticking up for herself. She isn't one to easily back down, and she tends to be quite stubborn and even sarcastic as well. One simple way to describe her personality is firey, and another is unpredictable. However, even at her age, she is still developing and changing as she builds onto her past with her new experiences.

Trilogy - Female 1HistoryBanner2
Trilogy was born into a litter of three pups, herself, and two brothers, Blitzen and Xerxses. No three youngsters had ever been as close as these three siblings were. They would drive their mother insane with their desperate sprawling towards the den entrance, annoy their father with their squeaks and little growls as they played. But no matter how much their family fought, they remained close and loving, taking care of each other and watching out for the little ones. Everything was wonderful, the three pups grew fast, Blitz, Xerxses, and Trilogy, almost able to get around all on their own. But then the fire hit. It engulfed the entire forest, leaving their den surrounded by deadly fire. This left their parents with no choice but to flee. As the den filled up with smoke, the pups began to squeal and whimper, tumbling over each other in search of relief and of their parents. His father grabbed him, his mother grabbed his sister, and Xerxses was too much to carry.

Her mother carried her for what felt like hours, and when they finally were free of the flames, the pup had inhaled too much smoke and was hanging limply in her mothers jaws. The female adult panicked, though after a short while, the tiny female pup came-to and she sighed heavily in relief. Though her mother had left Xerxses behind, and she left the small female in a make-shift den, going back for her brother. But she never returned, and far in the future, Trilogy would come to realize that her mother had perished in the flames. The small female had no hope of survival on her own, and for days she remained in the small hole she'd been left in, that is, until a lone female wolf chanced upon her. The wolf was named Echo, and she took Trilogy in as if she were her own pup, caring for her and raising her like any mother would. Soon the small, helpless pup grew into a rather beautiful little female youth, though, as she got older, so did Echo.

Only after she was a young adult did the white and grey wolf realize that her silver care-taker was getting older, and by the time that Trilogy was two years old, Echo passed away. This left Trilogy on her own, and she ventured through the valley that they had called home, finally beginning to travel north. She slowly began to lose weight, and eventually she became so malnourished and weak that she could not go on. That's when Xerxses found her.

Her brother took care of her, nursed her to health and helped her to finally regain her strength. It was shortly after that, that Blitzen found them. The three siblings had been reunited, and once again, they were inseparable. The three soon began to travel north, looking for a place to settle. However, in order to reach the northern lands, they needed to travel through a territory that had been claimed by a powerful all-male pack. Naturally, this frightened Trilogy, but her brothers - much larger than herself and quite cocky as well - did not seem bothered by the threat at all. Blitzen and Xerxses then led them into the pack's territory, against Trilogy's objections, continuing their way north.

They were about a day or so into the territory when they were spotted. It was a small band of males that located the three youngsters, and although Blitzen and Xerxses fought hard, they were captured and taken back to the pack's main camp. It wasn't long before the three wolves realized that the pack was all male, and they were obviously fighting males too. They were kept at the camp for weeks, though the young female was separated from her brothers for the duration of their capture. Each day she spent alone, huddled in a cold stone den, dreading the next visit from her captors. The pack males had not seen a female wolf in a long time, as most females were wise enough to skirt the pack boundaries and take the long way around. However, Trilogy had been to desperate to stay with her brothers, and had entered foolishly and ended up in the pack's center.

The males were desperate for a new generation of fighting males, and this caused Trilogy to be placed in a very dangerous, and heartbreaking spot. She was used for this purpose, and she was visited almost daily by different males, all coming for the same purpose. These visits were often quite brutal and she was abused badly, though at the same time she was fed and watered to keep her healthy. It wasn't long before she was carrying pups, and though her brothers managed to finally escape during the late winter months, she was incapable to travel and remained behind. When spring came around, the pack finally moved her to a smaller, more sheltered den on the edge of their camp. This was where she gave birth, one early spring morning. The litter was small, only three pups, all mixed coloring like the males that had come to her during the season.

There were two females and a male, though the male was dangerously small. Maybe it was the stress that had caused her to give birth to a runt, but despite her desperate attempts, the little male died within only a few weeks of his birth. The two females, however, were strong and healthy. But the males of the pack did not want females, especially two of them. The pups were taken from their mother and killed only days after their birth. Trilogy was heartbroken, and in the weeks following grew thinner and thinner, refusing food and water and attacking anyone that came near. However, this only led to more abuse upon her, though one day, a young male wolf came to her.

He was smaller than the rest, and much less confident. The male was a mix of colors, and there was a difference in his face that Trilogy noticed immediately. The male's green eyes were softer, almost kind as they looked at the white female cowering in the birthing den - a place that she had refused to leave after the death of her pups. The male, who she soon came to know as Kastor - the omega, cared for her, nursed her back to proper health. And, one day, as she was coming back into season - faced with the threat of another litter - he helped her escape. It was the middle of the night when he helped her get to the pack borders, and as she left, he remained, covering their tracks while she ran, putting as much distance between herself and the borders as possible. She was about a year and a half when she escaped, making her stay with the male pack totaling half a year.

She traveled on her own from then on, a young, broken female in search of a new home. Since she was separated from her brothers at the age of only two and a half years or so, she has grown accustomed to hunting and surviving alone, though she wouldn't go around saying that was how she preferred life to be. Though she is shy and quiet at first, the young female does yearn for the company of others, even if it is just another wolf nearby. However, this is typically hard for her to find, since she is sometimes easily frightened as well as a not the most social wolf in the world. She has her mood swings, though, and at times she finds herself more outgoing and friendly than usual, which sometimes even gets her into trouble. But these are typically very rare occasions.
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Trilogy - Female
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