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Available Positions:
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 Ramses The Wise

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PostSubject: Ramses The Wise   Ramses The Wise EmptyMon Jan 14, 2013 7:57 am

Out of Character Information

Position: Member
Gender: Female
Contact Me: Email:
Date Joined: 04 December 2012
RP Characters: Altair and Hallie

Character Information

Name: Ramses
Age: 5
Gender: Male
Species: Grey Wolf
Strengths: Calm Assertive, Powerful, Courageous, Intelligent, Planner, Reliable
Weaknesses: Trusting, Never Asks For Help, Slow To Emotions, Conceited At Times, Speed
Pack: Roztok
Rank: Pack Member

Ramses The Wise Black-wolf-john-hyde
Ramses The Wise Black
Ramses The Wise Black_Wolf_by_CindarellaPop

Ramses The Wise 0wolfshadowblack
Appearance: Largest of his litter, Ramses shares the stunning coat of his father. His coat is a mix of dark hues mashed into one another like waves of the ocean, beating into the shore. His large pads only make his large figure seem even bigger than your average large brute. His tail is full and thick all year long, able to cover his face in the lying position. His eyes are a golden hue, mixed with the colors of the harvest moon. They stand out in the night sky, allowing the one to spy him, to find him in the setting he easily camouflages within.

Ramses The Wise Personalitybanner
First to think. First to plan. First to speak. This brute is not like your common male. He is a thinker, a planner, and above all, he believes that words can solve the smallest of issues to the largest of wars. He is calm, yet assertive at the same time. He can easily cut you down with words while keeping a peaceful tone, forcing his body language to match. He is patient, trustworthy and loyal beyond all bonds. If you need him, he will be at your side. Whether it be for a feud or for a war. The large brute was the largest of his litter and uses his size wisely. He knows that running is not his strong suit and will utilize other means to get his point across. What he lacks in speed, he makes up for in power. He is easily the ultimate killer, when he feels the need to be. As he hunts, he thinks of all possible angles, all possible actions before he formulates his plan, forcing it to action. He is dignified and honest, but is very confused when it comes to feelings. He was taught to think with his mind, not the organ which pumps blood through the body.

Ramses The Wise 1HistoryBanner2
Ryoga was the Delta of his pack. He looked up to the Alpha and admired the Alphess. She was beautiful. Her coat was pure white, elegant and beautiful. The way she moved, seemed like she was floating on air. Of course the pack admired her, but not as much as Delta Ryoga. It was almost dangerous how he tried and tried to get close to her. The Alpha had no idea that all this was happening.

One day Ryoga made his move towards her. They were in a private area, where Darla had gone to bask in the sun and think of her future. Mating season had already begun but a hunt had taken the Alpha from the pack. They delegated Ryoga and few others to stay and watch the pack. There she lay, the apple to his eye. Completely alone. He approached her. She looked to him with a smile as he walked over to her. For a few days they talked and got to know one another. Ryoga was in love and Darla was rounding the corner to fall right next to him.

They mated before the Alpha even returned from his kill. Upon his arrival, the Alphess was back in their den. She had acted like nothing happened, for months and months. But when it came time for the pups to be born, two males thought they were the fathers. The Alpha was white as ivory, like Darla herself. When the pups were born, it was obvious they were not the Alpha's. He stormed out of the den, looking for the black male, mixed of darker browns and hints of grey. Ryoga was both happy and scared the male was coming for him. The Alpha was much bigger and stringer, but Ryoga would hold his own.

The Alphess was tired, after cleaning her pups and giving birth. She told the Autay to watch them while she built the strength to save Ryoga. The Alpha lunged at Ryoga, biting at his neck, forcing him to the ground. The other wolves watched, confused by what happened. The Alphess finally made her way to the fight, "wait!" she growled as she stood above the downed Delta. "Move away from him!" snarled the Alpha. The Alphess stood tall, snarling and baring her teeth, "no!" The Alpha lifted his head, puzzled by her reply. "You are Alphess of this pack! My mate! You will not defy me!"

The Alphess growled and bared her fangs, "leave him alone!" The Alpha paced from side to side, angry with her, trying to understand this whole situation. "Why do you protect him?" he asked. Before the Alphess could answer, Ryoga whined, "don't do it Darla.." The Alpha's gaze centered on the Delta, "what did you call her?" His feet planted in the ground. The Alphess looked down at Ryoga, then up to her 'mate'. "I love him..." she said as she stared into the Alpha's eyes. The pack grew silent, shocked to hear the news from her mouth. Ryoga looked up at her and smiled, "I love you too." He got up and nuzzled against her, licking her cheek. The Alpha snarled and pounced on the Delta.

The two males rolled around for a while, but Ryoga couldn't fight him. The Alpha was too strong. Finally the tussle was over. The Alphess howled for the loss of her love, but soon remembered her pups. She dashed to the den, but it was too late. He had already sent a patrol to kill the pups. She snapped and bit at the intruder, three of her pups were already killed. The Autay couldn't fight him off. Darla grabbed two pups by the scruff and ran out. She carried them in her mouth. The Alpha watched as she ran from the clearing. An evil smile across his maw. She would see more of him.

For months the three wolves ran and survived on their own. The pups, Ramses and Rios, learned everything their mother could teach them. Ramses was like his father, dark fur and large, with harvest colored eyes. He was large in size, much larger than that of Rios by far. Rios was colored like his mother, also sharing her small size and agility. The two fought and played. It was obvious that Ramses would be the stronger, although they both had their strong points.

One night while they were sleeping, a minion of the pack approached their camp in the dead of night. The creature was quick and nimble. His paws moved about the floor with ease. He slipped towards the sleeping Darla, and severed her jugular. She died without a sound or even a whimper. Rios woke up slightly. The predator was alerted to this and attacked him, causing Ramses to wake up. The now, larger pup, had pounced on the intruder. The two fought, biting and clawing. Ramses used the tactics he was taught, obviously something this intruder was not taught.

Finally Ramses warded off the minion. He looked around to his family. Darla was laying down where she had been asleep and blood had drenched her fur. His eyes fell upon Rios. Rios was breathing heavily, unable to move, and dying slowly. Ramses laid beside his brother, talking to him calmly. He knew the end was near, but he would never leave him alone. As Rios passed through the night, he did not move. When the wolf took his last breath, Ramses stared at him, nudging him with his nose. When there was no response from Rios, he dipped his head and howled for the loss of his family. The evil Alpha was still out there, and he swore he would find him and take revenge for his family.

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Ramses The Wise
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