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Available Positions:
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 Seska- Female

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Out of Character Information

Position: Member
Gender: Male
Contact Me: The normal stuff, email, pm, whatever...
Date Joined: That one day...
RP Characters: Sibirskiy, Rayne

Character Information

Name: Seska
Age: 3
Gender: Female
Species: Red Wolf
Strengths: Noble, Strong, Loyal, Determined, Smart
Weaknesses: Too Trusting, Quiet, Reserved, Communication, Swimming/Water in general
Pack: Roztok
Rank: Member

Seska- Female Seska_zpsd3dfb933
Appearance: A large wolf for a female, Seska stands tall and proud. Her body, while quite average looking, as actually quite toned. Seska's coloration is a full mix of a light rust color with some darker and lighter hues ranging all across her, with a bunch of small black strands mixed in. Her sleek figure only compliments her beautiful face, her long nose curving into a perfect dome. Her eyes are a very light amber, which seem to glow in the moonlight.

Seska- Female Personalitybanner
Seska's nobility speaks for itself, a true 'do-gooder' in every sense. She won't stand for any unnecessary violence, and refuses to deal with anyone that is overly violent. She is a determined and strong-willed female, never giving up at anything she strives to do. Being the daughter of an Alpha, she grew up wanting to lead, and holds a strong, unbreakable loyalty to her comrades and pack-mates, so much so that she will risk herself to save them. She is entirely too trustful though when it comes to others, which completely contrasts her quiet and reserved behavior. She isn't one of very many words, and focuses on what has to be done more then talking about it. She isn't very good at talking to others though, and truthfully doesn't know why herself, since all she strives to do is be a great leader to an amazing pack. It's something she tries to work at though, so she tends to stay to herself and only speak when she must. The oddest thing about the fae is her fear of water. It is probably the most random thing for people to notice about her, but was only brought on by a near death drowning experience she had when she was but a pup. She won't swim for the life of her, and it isn't even because she can't, she just won't out of her phobia. Even just drinking from a stream she gets nervous and overly cautious about her footing near it.

Seska- Female 1HistoryBanner2
Seska was born with a litter of six pups, her father the leader of a small pack of nomadic wolves, and her mother having been the lead Warrior of the pack. With such high standing parents, she strove hard to make them proud, along with her brother's and sister's, all the siblings competing equally for their parents affection. Her pup-hood was less play and more-so constant sparring between all the pups, both training and simply fighting to be the strongest.

When they all reached a few months of age, they then took to hunting, a challenge Seska was determined to come out on top of,, succeeding in being the first of her siblings to catch some prey, them moving on to be the first to catch even larger game. By the age of one Seska had become one of the leading warriors, and hunters of the pack, often standing by her mothers side to defend the pack or helping leading hunts with the other lead hunter. It wasn't long before Seska even surpassed her mother in skill, taking the spot of the lead Warrior.

She held this spot up until she turned two, when she was faced with a decision. Her father offered her the chance to lead the pack herself, to become the Alphess and take his place, or to go out into the world, and find her own pack. It came as a surprise to the Alpha when his daughter chose to leave in search of her own pack, but respected her decision. Seska chose this for one reason, if she was to become an alpha, she wanted to do it out of her own accord, and not just because her father happened to be alpha himself, she wanted to earn the title on her own, and not just inherit it. With this want in mind, she set off into the world, Searching for a place to call home, for a place to start her quest to become a great, and revered Alpha.

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Seska- Female
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