Incendio is a literate-advanced semi-realistic wolf role-play site, where mystery surrounds the wolves and even greater mystery surround the lands. Come and enter the mystery, join the family, and add your own chapter to our story!
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Wolf of the Month

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Available Positions:
Beta Female

Available Positions:
Beta Female
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It is summer here in Incendio. The sun is bright, the days hot, and dew gathers on the grass in the morning all over.
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 Wolf of the Month

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PostSubject: Wolf of the Month   Wolf of the Month EmptyTue Mar 12, 2013 1:21 am

The Wolf of the Month is a spotlight of a wolf character within Incendio to celebrate the diversity and interest this character has brought to the role play. These wolves are unique, actively involved in the role play, and contribute positively to the entertaining, many times emotional experience of role playing her in Incendio. Along with those attributes, the Wolf of the Month is a character who...

- Resides within a pack of Incendio; may not be a loner
- Displays a unique personality that evokes interesting inter-character relationships
- Contributes in some meaningful way to the role play, especially in plot
- Is role played by a site member who is respectful of the forum rules

Wolf of the Month Prize: 100 points

Just have fun with your characters, and we'll all love them, too. Good luck!
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Wolf of the Month
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