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 Chaos - Female

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PostSubject: Chaos - Female   Tue May 31, 2011 8:42 pm

Out of Character Information

Name: Buck
Position: Administrator
Gender: Female
Contact Me: AIM: ickyvicki84 -- Email: -- Neopets: wolflover32245
Date Joined: Site Creator
RP Characters: Blitz, Chaos, Molly, Aries, Casanova, Bleu, Ember, Xerxses, Tessa

Character Information

Name: Chaos
Age: 7 Years
Gender: Female
Species: Timber Wolf
Pups: Karbon
Strengths: Quick Thinking, Fast, Battle Experience, Sharp Eyes, Confident
Weaknesses: Stubborn, Poor Anger Management, Aggressive, Impatient, Trust Problems
Rank: Left Silverlight after Blitzen's death

Appearance: Chaos is a large female timber wolf, with pure black fur. Her eyes are a yellowish orange, and are large and round, always judging and angry. Her fur is thick and matted, even missing in several places and replaced with scars. There is a chunk missing from her right ear, which she lost in a battle years ago. She always stands proud, her posture almost always aggressive and demanding submission.

Chaos is a dangerous female. She basically hates the world, and she is very very aggressive. Most would call her evil, which is what she basically is. She spends a lot of time alone, keeping away from social situations that would force her to talk about things she could care less about. She isn't the type of wolf that you would call sweet or gentle. She's aggressive and violent, enforcing her words physically with aggression and violence. She is not the wolf to mess with, that's for sure. She is scarred by the many battles she has been involved in, sporting the matted fur and long scars to prove it. She's stubborn and determined, often refusing to give up until she can no longer fight. Her eyes are always locked in an intense, angry stare, often frightening away the more shy and weaker wolves before she has to endure their talking and attempts at chatter. Although she detests encounters with other wolves, she shows herself every now and then, mostly just for Blitzen, who for some reason accepted her into his pack. She has yet to discover why, but without the pack's aid, she would be unlikely to find enough food to sustain herself. She is smaller than the average female wolf, but she makes up for it in aggression and boldness, which often gets her into trouble, not to mention the few scuffles she had with Blitzen before she finally submitted. But to sumbit to another pack member would damage her pride, and she still refuses to do so, leaving her a favorite target for the higher ranking and stronger wolves.

Chaos was born to a lone female, who took care of her quite well, despite her situation. Her mother was a young wolf when she became pregnant, and although she was inexperienced, she managed to keep two pups alive. Chaos and her brother Khaos. Yes, they received the same names, mostly because they were both aggressive and chaotic. As they grew, they became too much for their mother to handle, and she took off, never to return to them. This left the two young wolves on their own, and they supported each other and worked with each other to stay alive, living in the moment and basically doing their best to stay alive. Still, the youngsters grew fast, finding packs, separating, finding new packs, abandoning those, and eventually finding each other in the same pack. Chaos, with her temper and behavior, managed the Omega position. It was a position that suited her fairly well, although she hated it. Her pride would not allow her to submit to the other wolves, leaving her beaten and attacked nearly everywhere she went. Finally, the alpha, Chrono, took pity on her and sheltered her. But of course, she hated the idea of being pittied, and she fought against it. Eventually this led to her abandonment of the pack.

After Arsonic, Chaos travelled alone for years, exploring and enjoying the ability to be alone. But soon she ran into a fierce pack of males on patrol, the likes of which she had never seen. They were enormous, threatening and violent. Even more so than she. Though she did her best to fend them off, she barely escaped with her life, and that was when she stumbled upon Silverlight. Blitzen found her, nearly bleeding to death in a thick tangle of bushes, and he brought her into the packlands, nursing her back to health. Of course, she hated it, and when she became strong enough, they had their fair share of arguments and fights, mostly physical. After she was defeated more times than she could count, the little female finally surrendered to the powerful alpha, submitting and asking to join Silverlight. Now she resides withing the lands, although no one really knows where she is all the time, since she is often lurking in the shadows and avoiding social encounters. She rarely speaks to anyone, but can often be found (when she is found, that is), talking to Blitz. But to the other wolves she remains silent and hostile, refusing to trust and keeping to the shadows.

After Blitzen's death and the split of Silverlight into the four packs, Chaos left the lands. She has not been seen or heard from since.

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Chaos - Female
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