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 Floating On A Cloud

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PostSubject: Floating On A Cloud   Floating On A Cloud EmptyTue Apr 30, 2013 12:49 am

Out of Character Information

Position: Member
Gender: Male
Contact Me: You may call the Devil, he will give you my extension.
Date Joined: 29 April 2013
RP Characters: Cloud, just amazing, and awesome Cloud!

Character Information

Name: Cloud
Age: 4 Years Old
Gender: Male
Species: Arctic Wolf
Strengths: Brave, Independent, Confident, Strong, Determined
Weaknesses: Slow, Slow to trust, Ignorant at times, Selfish, Spontaneous
Pack: Roztok
Rank: Warrior

Floating On A Cloud Clouddv
Floating On A Cloud Cloud1q
Floating On A Cloud Cloudeyesl
Floating On A Cloud Cloudsig
Floating On A Cloud Cloudsig1v

Floating On A Cloud 0wolfshadowblack
Appearance: His white fur stands out about the forest and shrubs of the lush green color, matched with his eyes. His bright green eyes, glow against his fur, bright and full of life. A couple of scars lay about his fur, leaving their mark permanently. His build is large, muscles cover his large frame. He stands at 30 inches from paw to shoulder.

Floating On A Cloud Personalitybanner
He is not too keen on ones he first meets. He is cautious and aggressive, a loose cannon. In the blink of an eye, he would take on any foe, for any reason. He is a fighter, living and breathing fighting machine. "Kill first, ask questions later," is his motto. He is not one to tangle with, especially if one wishes to leave with their life. Having his heart shattered at such a young age, it changed him. Normally, you can find this brute spending time by himself, separated from the pack. He tries not to get close, hoping to just fade into the background. Even still he continues looking for the perfect place to call his home, to feel the honor and pride he never got a chance to. Now tattered in scars, he roams the lands, experienced and ready for anything. He will never give up or back down.

Floating On A Cloud 1HistoryBanner2
Two wolves met and fell in love. The brute, a Warrior and the fae, an Autay. The two lived very separate lives. But when mating season was upon them, they took advantage of it. With her being an Autay, she could hide from the Alpha and birth her own pups in secrecy. They did just that. When the rest of the pack pups were born, the fae birthed her own. Cloud was one of the four born, although he was the second, he was the largest at birth. The pups blended in with the others easily. For months things were fine, but when the Alpha male took an interest on the pups, it was coming to an end. As he started paying attention to the pups, he noticed Cloud and his hazel hues. None of his pups kept the color, nor a color like that.

Curious, the Alpha approached the Autay on it. When she was pressed for answers, her pups surrounded her. The father was nowhere near the area. It was just a mother and her pups. Cloud stood first, before the others, snarling to protect his family. The Alpha did not appreciate such a reaction from the young wolf. He snapped and closed his teeth down on Cloud's muzzle, dragging his fangs across it. Blood spilled to the floor, seeping from Cloud's face. The pain was something he had never felt before. In time, it would heal, leaving the mark of the unwanted. But for now, he still stared the Alpha in the eyes. In a violent rage, the Alpha lunged to attack, pushing the brute out of the way. He sank his fangs into the Autay herself, digging as deep as he could. He ripped his head from side to side, popping and snapping as he did. The fae was quiet, shrieking on the inside. The pups bit at the Alpha, trying to pull him from her. Finally he stopped, but it was too late. She was dead.

When the hunters came back from their hunt with a worthy kill, the Warrior heard the commotion in the Autay's den. Quickly he rushed to the large den. He charged the entrance and saw the Alpha standing over his mate. "Get away from her," he snarled angrily. The Alpha slowly turned his head to face the Warrior. "Stand down, or I shall kill you as well." The Warrior planted his paws firmly on the ground, "no." Enraged the Alpha left the den, calling the Warrior out with him. The two faced off, but the Warrior was able to go round for round against the wolf, strike for strike. The Alpha called off the fight and banished the brute from their land, "and any spawn that comes from his testicles!" The Warrior and his pups gathered together, staring at the Alpha. The Warrior said not a word, but moved his family from the pack.

Once the five of them had traveled for a very long time, they discovered a new land. This pack was different than the other they were apart of. But Cloud fit right in. He actually met a beautiful fae, Mileena. Her coat was as white as snow and her eyes, bright as the clear blue sky. He fell madly in love with her, protective and obsessed with her. She was happy to have found love in him, and also adored him as much as he adored her. The two were destined to be together forever. But the Alpha had other ideas for the fae. When given the chance, he invited her to his chamber. Mileena listened to her Alpha, but kept a far distance from him. She was weary of her closeness with him and his sudden interest. He spoke to her in such kind words, expressing how much he adored her, how he had been watching her from afar. Cloud waited outside of the den, patiently for her to come back out and be at his side. The night was quite, calm and peaceful. It quickly was interrupted by a yowl of pain.

Cloud rushed inside the Alpha's den and there he saw it. The two were joined together, rears touching one another. He had found a way to muffle her voice, until it was time for them to separate. That is the position he found the love of his life, feeling Cloud's heart break and crack into a million pieces. He walked out from the den, silent as he could be, then moved to the center of the pack. He slowly turned his body around and stared at the entrance. When the two were finally parted, they exited, she first, then he with an evil grin on his face. "I will rip that grin from your maw," he said as he snarled to the Alpha. The Alpha and Cloud snarled and growled back and forth to one another. Finally the Alpha attacked him. They fought and fought until they were both rattled with cuts, bites, and scrapes. Breathing heavily they separated, "I shall kill you for what you have done to Mileena." The Alpha chuckled as he spoke, "she is mine now. There is nothing you can do... Except for killing me." Cloud lowered his head, eyes targeted on the jugular of his opponent, and the brute continued to speak, Cloud drowned out his noise. He was prepared to kill, no matter what it took. When the speaking was finally finished, he attacked, ripping into the brute just as the Alpha had done to his mother.

He finished the kill, dropping the new corpse to the floor. He stared down at the dead Alpha, grinning a twisted grin. Mileena had seen the whole thing and she did not agree with it. Sure she had been raped, but it appeared that Cloud enjoyed the kill itself. When he looked up to his beloved Mileena, she had a horrified look plastered to her face. As he moved closer to her, she backed away. Confused, he moved closer, but the pack protected her from him, surrounding her. They had seen the battle and watched as he killed their leader. He was an outsider, barely new to the pack, and yet here he was, killing their Alpha. They banished him, forcing him from the pack. As he left they attacked him, biting and ripping at his fur on the sides. He left the pack, bleeding and panting, running for his life.[/u]

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PostSubject: Re: Floating On A Cloud   Floating On A Cloud EmptyTue Apr 30, 2013 10:20 pm

Accepted. If possible, make the personality longer, but you can go ahead and post at the border to have him accepted in character.
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Floating On A Cloud
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