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Available Positions:
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 Pravin- Male

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PostSubject: Pravin- Male   Pravin- Male EmptyMon May 13, 2013 10:31 pm

Out of Character Information

Position: Member
Gender: Female
Contact Me:
Date Joined: May 07, 2013 (For the second time)
RP Characters: None currently

Character Information

Name: Pravin
Age: 7 years
Gender: Male
Species: Grey wolf
Strengths: Loyal, Trustworthy, Strong, Protective, Calm
Weaknesses: Has trouble showing emotions, Stubborn, Angered by little things, Doesn't speak a lot, Does not trust easily
Pack: Roztok
Rank: Pack Member

Pravin- Male Tumblr_mmgkmfG6B41rwk1pqo1_500
Appearance: Pravin is a large wolf, towering over many of his kind. He is built with muscle, and his fur only makes his size bigger. His pelt is a light brown, almost red colour, mixed with tones of white and grey. His underside is lighter, with more whites than anywhere else, and he has spots on his backside where the furs are tipped with a dark black colour. There are areas where his fur is matted from old scars and fights, and where mud and brush have built up from little care. When seen walking, Pravin steps lightly, and is not as disruptive as his body size might make him seem. He walks with a limp in one of his back legs from a fight with a bear, an injury he never bothered to take care of.

Pravin- Male Personalitybanner
Pravin is a quiet creature, usually preferring to observe other wolves rather than actually interacting with them. He is calm and reserved, and doesn't go out of his way to talk to another wolf. But he would not turn down a conversation if presented one. Although, he is very hard of trusting; after growing up in a pack like his, and losing the wolves he has lost. He finds it hard to get close to others, but once he creates a relationship, he becomes loyal to that creature and will fight to protect them until they lose the trust they've earned. Pravin is very stubborn, and likes to do what he thinks is right. He does not normally change his own opinions, but he is willing to hear those of others.

Pravin doesn't speak much, but when he does, it is usually in a very poetic manner. He speaks softly and he speaks of important things. He is not one for small talk, and is known to give short, tense answers. He is often misunderstood, which angers him because he doesn't mean what he says and he can never find a way to explain himself. This has caused problems in his past and he tries hard to explain himself better, but so far it hasn't worked.

Pravin- Male 1HistoryBanner2
Pravin was born into a very harsh lifestyle. His birth pack consisted of large, rude, angry brutes who led by the power of fear and who raised their pups to be the same. They snapped at any loner who looked at them the wrong way, and anyone who dare question their authority. Not many decided to fight back, or to even speak their thoughts. Even the females of the pack were large and strong, and could be the meanest creature ever encountered. But through anger, fear, and mere strength, the pack made a name for themselves, and had a great size of land to themselves. They had good access to food and the hunt, and could protect themselves from the dangers of nature. To them, life was good.

Pravin was born to the largest of brutes, the Alphas, in a litter of three. He grew up as every other wolf in the pack did; pushed to do his hardest and trained as a warrior. But there was something about this pup that was different than them all. He did not believe they were behaving correctly. He secretly felt sympathy for the loners that his pack terrorized. And as he grew older, he tried to understand why his pack was the way it was, but he never found his answer. He spoke his concerns and was ostracized by the pack, (he was always an outcast anyhow,) and he was occasionally attacked for his views. This eventually led to him leaving the pack altogether.

Pravin left his birth pack and traveled on his own for months, finding a small temporary pack for his first winter alone. He would leave as soon as the snow let up and he could successfully live alone. Deep inside, he wanted to find a pack to stay with, but he was never satisfied with the ones that he found, and he would leave those too. The great wolf was alone for most of his travels and adventures, until he came across a pack who made their home deep in a valley. He settled with them for his second winter alone, but he did not leave after the cold season was over. He had finally created a bond to a pack, and he did not want to leave. In this new pack, he took up a warrior position yet again, fighting to protect these wolves that he had befriended. Pravin remained aloof and the valley pack respected that.

A year and a half later, after having peacefully lived with these wolves for such a long time, disaster struck. A great storm struck the valley in the dark of night, and Pravin had stayed up that night to mull over some silly philosophical questions. The storm hit and he had warned his fellow pack mates too late. He hid in his well protected den, shutting his eyes as the winds ripped the forest to shreds. When he escaped into daylight, the valley was not the same. Pravin ran, not knowing who had lived. As he ran, he saw dead corpses strewn in the fallen trunks, and motionless bodies who seemed like they were still sleeping.

He ran and went back to being on his own. Now lost in a wilderness he did not know, he kept moving forward, encountering very few others. Eventually he found himself at the end of a great plain. But the plains had something eerie about them, and he did not dare step foot into the creepy atmosphere of the new land. Although, there was something just beyond the empty grounds that tugged on Pravin, telling him to go forwards.

Pravin stepped lightly around the plains and found himself in the pack lands of Silverlight, now known as Incendio. He encountered the alpha and was allowed to the dens on probation, telling them that he would only stay for the winter. Eventually Pravin proved himself worthy and was then promoted to temporary Head Warrior to fill in for the very sick female who normally held the spot. He gained enough trust from the pack and was promoted to Beta in some of the pack's hardest times.

After some time, things got too intense within the pack, and the Alpha male was killed. Through debate and a lot of spiritual interference, Pravin was made Alpha of a new pack, the Roztok pack. He did not want the seat of power, but he accepted it for a short time. Eventually, he could not take it and he left without a word.

He found himself in the mountains just to the west of Incendio, and spent much of his time there, debating if he should return. He lived on his own, fighting off the local lynx and sometimes just barely surviving. He did not befriend anyone in the harsh wild of the mountains, and would sometimes long for the rush of pack life.

One day, he had just finished a fight with a lynx, who then fled into the mountains, and he found himself back in the pack territory, right by the river. The land was calling to him again, and with that, he stepped forward, hoping to reclaim his spot in this land's fate.

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PostSubject: Re: Pravin- Male   Pravin- Male EmptyTue May 14, 2013 6:20 pm

Accepted congratulations, post at the borders to continue on.
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Pravin- Male
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