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 Andromeda - Female

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PostSubject: Andromeda - Female   Andromeda - Female EmptyFri May 24, 2013 2:22 am

Out of Character Information

Gender: Female
Contact Me: See Buck.
Date Joined: Creator
RP Characters: Buck, Trilogy, Tessa, Xerxses

Character Information

Name: Andromeda
Age: 6 years
Gender: Female
Species: Timber Wolf
Pack: Kachle
Rank: Warrior

Andromeda - Female AndromedaRef_zpscc623aca
Appearance: Andromeda is a slender female, her muscles present, but slim and toned rather than bulky and stocky like a much stronger male of her species. However, this should not be mistaken for weakness, for she can be rather strong if she needs to. However, there is no mistaking that her build is more a hunter's than a warrior's. Her legs are long and thin, her fur thick and healthy - as she cares for it quite well. Her face is slender and long, large, round-tipped ears sit atop her head, and black-lined light brown eyes are always alert and observant.

Andromeda - Female Personalitybanner
At first glance, Andromeda is a harsh, aggressive female. She is rather touchy and proud, and she is definitely fiery when angered. She does not 'play well with others', and she often doesn't see a point in wasting her time with socialization. It's not uncommon to find her avoiding contact with wolves around her, and she prefers to spend her time observing and keeping to herself as opposed to actually spending time with others. She is proud and stubborn, a combination that has gotten her plenty of trouble in the past, but she definitely knows who she is, and is confident about it as well. She's a force to be reckoned with, if not physically, then heaven help the wolf that gets her in a rage with words.

Now, just because she has a cold, harsh exterior, does not mean she's all bad. She has her soft side too, although she keeps it hidden. There have been only a small few that have broken through her walls, and the majority of them have taken advantage of her trust, which only ended with her building her walls even higher. She does deeply care about those around her, yet at the same time, is hesitant to actually show that care, for fear of being taken advantage of or 'walked all over'. So instead, she retains a harsh, cold outer side, with a very slow-to-trust attitude and philosophy for those around her. She's not about to let anyone control her, and that she will make painfully obvious if she needs to. Loyalty and respect are earned in her eyes, and she isn't about to let just anyone order her around. However, she's no fool. She knows when someone is in charge, as well as when they should be respected. She knows she's not strong enough for most battles of dominance, but that doesn't mean that she'll just roll over and submit to just anyone.

Andromeda - Female 1HistoryBanner2
Andromeda grew up in a pack full of male wolves. Her mother, whose name she never learned, was abducted from another pack and used as a breeding female to swell their numbers. However, there were the occasional litters that contained female pups. Andromeda's litter was one of these. She and her sister were born in early April, along with two male pups, Nexus and Erchant. Unlike the previous litters with females, the feminine pups were not weak and useless to the male wolves. No, these females were larger and stronger than the ones in the past had been, and this was the one of the reasons that they were allowed to live. However, there was another reason. Their mother did not live long after their birth. The pups were weaned by the time of her death, but she had been weak and growing old when they were born, so it was no surprise to the pack when she passed on.

This meant that her young female pups would be the pack's future mothers. They were raised by the harsh, aggressive males, and soon both females, Andromeda and her sister, Persephone, grew up to be powerful, aggressive females. Together they were a force to be reckoned with, so the males separated them often. They didn't want them turning against them, after all. But from the beginning, obedience and respect were beaten into them by the adult males, and soon by their brothers as well. Once they were of reproductive age, the females were used just as their mother was.

Persephone was the first to give birth. Her pups were a mixture of the typical timber wolf colors, and were all strong, healthy males. This was her lifeline, and the pack kept her alive and healthy to produce more pups for them in the future. However, her harsh attitude towards the female gender - since females were seen as weak and for only one purpose in the pack - she hated her sister. Whenever the two were within sight of each other, it was necessary for the males to separate them and break up fights. Andromeda's gender, however, was not the only reason for her sister's hatred. The red-hued female's beauty had caught the eye of the alpha male, as well as the beta, and she was chosen as their personal female and touched by only them. This meant that the rest of the pack were to use Persephone as they wished. Which ended in much abuse and aggression towards the now lower ranking female.

Andromeda, however, was treated well, but still with harsh and aggressive brutality. She was stronger than her sister, and since the size of both alpha and beta males were much larger than that of the rest of the pack, she took on quite a bit of violence with a straight face, never cowering or whimpering like her sister was prone to do at times. She gave birth to a litter of 3 that year, two strong, healthy males (Kraven and Karbon) and a tiny female, Kalypso. The alpha and beta were pleased with the male pups, but the small female was killed only minutes after her birth, by one of her fathers. All her mother could do was watch and accept her young pup's fate. When the two males were weaned from her, the pack tried to use her again, but this time, she fought.

This caused problems in the pack, obviously, and though she received a number of painful and deep wounds, Andromeda escaped the pack and began her dash for freedom. She'd never known life outside of the male pack, and she didn't look back, but instead nursed herself to health and put as much distance between herself and them as possible. She never looked back on her past as if she should be pitied or sheltered. No, she was a strong and powerful female, and she could take care of herself. She lived on her own for years, and eventually came to a new place, with wolves (both male and female) residing in the land. But was another pack what she really wanted? She was not a social wolf by any means, but living with a pack would make hunting easier. She was thin from hunting small game on her own, but she was still strong and healthy. It would help her to join a pack, at least when it came to larger game. But would they even accept her?

This member has posted the proper code words and they have been removed by Buck in order to ensure fair joining of future members.
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PostSubject: Re: Andromeda - Female   Andromeda - Female EmptySun May 26, 2013 11:13 pm

Great app, you are accepted. Until your character has a pack and rank, you will be put in the reserves of accepted females.
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Andromeda - Female
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