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 Kravens Application For Insanity

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PostSubject: Kravens Application For Insanity   Sat Jun 01, 2013 9:09 pm

Out of Character Information

Position: Owner's boyfriend.
Gender: Male
Contact Me: PM me
Date Joined: June 01 / 2013
RP Characters: Zetos
Who Referred You: Myself and before me Tril <3 ^_^

Character Information

Name: Kraven
Age: 4
Gender: Male/Female
Species: Timber Wolf
Pack: Kachle
Rank: Warrior

Appearance: The wolf stands three feet tall. The male is a

monster in aspect of length, running 78 inches across from tail tip to his muzzle. The powerful male holds a large head

and long thick snout, missing parts of fur around his mouth and muzzle from fights past. As you travel back you will see

more patches of missing fur, before you reach the malicious amber eyes. The eyes are always sparkling, always bright, they

accompany well the single brown ear that stands atop his head, the other showing the shape of the teeth that had stolen it

from him.

The warriors main torso is riddled with patches of missing fur and deep scars from his battles long past. But where there

is fur at the top it holds a dark-earthy feel, dappled with some lighter brown marks, travelling towards his stomach the

gradient changes to a softer brown at his side and as the eyes follow onto his belly it becomes a pale cream. His tail is

not very different; within the dark at the top it is mixed with a light cream color, breaking way to the medium brown at

the bottom of his tail. At the wolfs thick shoulders you see the cream once more, travel past the bend and it will turn

straight to a chocolate without a transition.

A single look at the brute would be enough to tell you that he has been in battle and that in all likeliness he was the

one who came out the victor. On his large chest you can see the muscles move as the wolf walks, his sinewy neck feeling

hard to the touch and not appearing to be much for a vantage point if one were to choose to battle him. When his fur is

just right you can almost see the muscles that control his jaw, making an outline along the skin beneath the patchy pelt.

A fresh wound sits upon him, the left portion of skin on his muzzle was ripped away leaving that portion of gums and teeth exposed.

Kraven was a warrior by birth, and being as such he believes that every wolf must be

able to hold themselves up. A wolf who can’t fight is a wolf not worth his salt, and any sign of weakness from a higher

ranking wolf is enough to make Kraven challenge them. That being said, if an alpha has shown themselves worthy than their

word is law and you follow it unto death upon pain of death. The male always viewed himself as a great leader because of

this, however he never got the chance with his last pack, his alpha did not trust him and though the male challenged him

many times he never could beat his alpha.

The wolf is haughty and detached emotionally from other wolves and their pain. In fact if he feels any emotion to another

wolf’s misery it is a feeling of joy. Kraven is malicious and will turn whatever he can to work for him. When he

approaches others he holds his head high, even his alpha, unless of course they are expecting him to show his submission

which depending on the situation he will not do without question, or may not do but instead challenge for it.

One last thing, he sees dead wolves, no they're not real dead wolves, he just believes he sees them. In fact, he's kind of

insane, and if he sees something, and it tells him something, he tends to listen to it, though sometimes he can be seen

barking, growling, biting, and slashing at the wind before him.

The male was born into a pack where males were dominant, and females were just

things. He entered the world with his brother, both passed many vigorous inspections by the higher ups of the pack. The

males were only allowed to spend minimum time with their mother, this hit Karbon the hardest. Kraven felt his brother weak

for crying when their mother was savagely beaten and killed for trying to protect Karbon from a malicious attack. Kraven

did not even care when his brother was demoted to the rank of Omega. A rift divided the two, pulled them apart, the only

show that they were still family was their looks, but that was changing day in and day out.

Kraven felt himself better than the others, he may have been younger, but he saw their weaknesses. He studied the pack,

the members, the wolves, he watched for the moment when they were most vulnerable. He struck when they were weak. The male

held no regret for the things he had done in his pack. He drew the interest of the alpha and the higher ranks to himself.

The way he demolished his opponents, the way he dragged them across the battlefield they had fought on as if they were a


There had been a few new recruits to the ranks, Kraven was sure to put them in their place when they joined. The warriors

feared the male, his aggressive nature placed him as head of the lower ranks, and if it were not for the fear from above

he would’ve moved up. The male even went as far as to challenge the delta, winning out and nearly killing the wolf before

being torn away by the elite and alpha. They would not move him up for fear, but he respected the decision when he

challenged his alpha and his own life was nearly taken, the ear ripped from his head during the scrap.

At two years 7 months the pack had caught a new female, she lasted long enough to bare them some pups. They grew up

quickly as Kraven and Karbon had done, they proved themselves better than his brother though. He took it as his job to

train them, the little monsters inherited his hatred and slowly were growing in strength. The alpha allowed this, keeping

an eye on them to make sure he was not trying to cause an overthrow. It was not in Kraven’s interest to overthrow his

alpha and instead only wished to see the young ones strong so that his (as he called them) ‘lineage’ could take the pack

when the alpha passed on.

At four years and seven months his ‘lineage’ reported back to the camp, announcing that they had scented some wolves, and

it appeared that one of them may be female. This took the males’ interest the moment it hit his ears. The amber eyes

opened wide and he set about preparing for the capture of this group. The alpha once more allowed the top warrior to take

a team of the best wolves, and as silent as the darkness they moved into the night. Using his nose this time to track them

the male caught the scent, moving quicker through the silent frozen air.

Like a wraith the group came out of nowhere. Growling and snarling at the intruders on their pack-land. When the two young

males tried to make a fight Kraven did not move, instead he let his wolves move in, watching as they took out the weaker

duo, his eyes were set on the young female, there was a twinkle, a smile even. His heavy paws stepping through the snow as

the warriors parted allowing him to come against the small female. He took delight in the fear she showed, “Should’ve

never come here, little one.” With a horrid grating laugh the male turned about, walking a small distance behind his group

as they began to take the trio back to camp.

When they returned with their catch Kraven himself escorted the female to her dwelling place. His eyes were bright as he

saw her huddle away. If it weren’t for his alpha calling him away he would’ve been the first to try out the new female. He

met his alpha with a growl, but discussion became more timid as he realized the problem they had. Two young wolf males

were here, obviously brothers to the female. There were many questions of what to do with them. Finding himself amidst

these conversations for the first little while finally deciding that after enough pain they would let them escape.

That became his job for the next little while, tormenting the brothers, biting at them, fighting the weaker two, and when

he began to lay with their sister he told them their exploits. In doing so the male was able to take both of their pain in

to one. Often laughing when either would growl or snap at him paying them back with a harsh beating, he found it even more

invigorating when he would walk in with the blood of the males on his maw, explaining that he wasn’t certain if they’d

live. Just as was planned they let the guards light on the males, allowing them to escape their captivity, but keeping

extra guards about her den to keep them from even thinking about coming after her.

Her first pups were born a short while later, a runt and two females. The runt died on his own, however the two females

were a problem. He brought his concerns to his elite and alpha, explaining how more mouths to feed with weak wolves that

would not bare decent wolves just as their mother hadn’t were a drain on resources. They agreed with the horrible wolf,

leaving the job to him, there was not a moment notice before he was walking towards her den, a grin slowly creeping across

the wicked ones feature. “You bare us worthless wolves, yet we feed you, we bring you water, we treat you like a queen…”

He snarled at the females face, looking at the small wolves. “And you expect us to be happy with this!?” The wolf wrapped

his teeth about the body of one of the pups, pulling her out of distance of the female. “We are not!” The words came out

muffled before the sickening crunch of the main body breaking could be heard. The yelp died off as quickly as it started,

flinging his head back and forth a few times for good measure before finally tossing the dead body from the cave.

Following through with the second baby as well, playing with it as one would a toy as he walked out from her dwelling,

leaving the shocked wolf to weep.

The times he visited after that he had become even more physically abusive, seeing her as lesser for baring such weak

wolves. She grew thinner, but there was no loss for her in his heart, he believed she deserved to die; now he just used

her for his own pleasure. The wolf noticed his brother finally going in, for the first time ever the male felt proud for

his brother. He allowed his brother to take his place, believing that the male had finally learned life’s hard lessons and

was willing to do what he needed to even at others expense. When he heard that she had gone missing though there was no

doubt in his mind. Taking the blame on himself for not seeing what his brother had done and making it his responsibility

to find her. To him there was no returning to the pack, and when him and his brother were far enough away he broke the

smaller male’s front leg.

The wolf had to track the female through the days and the nights, taking only short naps and constantly snapping at his

brother to keep him moving. He took his joy in the torment his brother felt. And slowly they drew out of the snow, having

lost the females tracks almost completely. Growling and in great rage he thrashed out on his brother. Kraven ripped into

his brother’s flesh as he took his anger out, blaming the weaker male for losing the females scent. The wounds became

infected, his brother moving at a slower pace, this only angered the large brute more, ripping into him over and over till

his sibling fell over, gasping and wheezing. “You deserved this.” The smaller wolf growled through the pain, but it lasted

only a moment before the pain washed over him completely. Kraven stayed still, making sure that his brother truly died, 6

months with a broken leg to die with his brother smiling at him a fate for saving another wolf. When his brother was

finally on the ground and eyes closed he devoured a fair share of the carcass for himself. A few days later a new scent

hit him, it was pack land. His laugh burst from his chest thinking of his unfortunate brother who laid only a few days

trek behind him. The wolf did not care for the weak, and he pressed onwards towards the border.

However things went bad for Kraven, he met a cougar, and unfortunately, he knew he'd met his match. In fear the male

turned and ran, however it proved to be a problem when the edge turned into a rather sizeable cliff. His speed and weight

were not easily stopped and he toppled over the edge, finding himself rolling down in the hill, battering his body as he

went down. At the bottom a loud crack could be heard as his skull hit earth. Upon awakening the events of his past were

holey. He knew he was looking for something, but he couldn't remember what, his mind was hazy of the old pack, and the way

back was lost to him now, he was in a place where he had never been, without a recollection of what he was looking for, or

what to do when he got it. However there was a soft laughter always in the back of his head, as if taunting him, small

images of wolves that seemed dead flashed before his eyes. He believed them spirits, or were they just from falling to

hard on his head, slowly he was losing his grip on sanity.[/u]

Code words removed by Buck.
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PostSubject: Re: Kravens Application For Insanity   Sat Jun 01, 2013 9:22 pm

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Kravens Application For Insanity
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