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 Skie (Done)

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PostSubject: Skie (Done)   Skie (Done) EmptyThu Jun 06, 2013 12:19 am

Out of Character Information

Position: Member
Gender: Male
Contact Me: Scream, real loudly, and I might hear yah. ^.^ Or of course, E-mail always works :3
Date Joined: 1/21/12
RP Characters: Seska

Character Information

Name: Sibirskiy Jr. (Skie)
Age: 1 Year
Gender: Male
Species: Arctic White Wolf
Pack: Kachle
Rank: Loner

Skie (Done) 15bae6c6-2778-4499-908d-1394c450a840_zpscdfce2bb
Appearance: Skie's coat is a magnificent, pure white. Not a day goes by that the boy doesn't tend to it. He has a skinny build, and is a bit shorter then most having been the runt of his litter. What he lacks in size though he makes up with his agility, his small, sleek form actually comprised of mostly lean muscle. He has a scar on his right upper side from a run in with a bobcat he and his father had, but it's more or less hidden in his thick fur. His eyes are a light grey, almost colorless looking in bright light.

Skie (Done) Personalitybanner
Skie takes most of his personality from his father, being quite stubborn and naive. He has a hard time admitting when he's in the wrong, and hates to look weak or foolish near others. He will literally go out of his way to avoid looking weak, whether it be bearing pain without showing it, or even pushing himself to keep up with other's while hunting or sparring. It doesn't matter the consequences, he will push himself to extremes to prove himself, even if he isn't very skilled anyway. He doesn't like the idea of being completely loyal to others just because they happen to share a pack either. He believes that loyalty is earned individually, through actions, and not just granted because someone might happen to share the same pack. He got this thinking mostly from his father, and the stories he heard from him. He doesn't really make friends ever either, more or less keeping to himself when he can. This is due more to self-consciousness then anything, Skie believing he wouldn't really be a good friend to anyone due to his behavior, so he just avoids it. Even with all this though he wants to join a pack, only because he wants to see what life in one would be like. Curiosity is his main driving factor in most of the things he does.

Skie (Done) 1HistoryBanner2
Skie's past mostly revolves around his parents. Both of which had been loners, wolves that had previously been in separate packs, both having had mates before each other, and both having had suffered the loss of their mates. His parents, Selena and Sibirskiy, both had abandoned their old packs, leaving their lives behind. Even Skie had noticed, his mother's and father's relationship was an odd one. They didn't really love each other, but, they did care about one another, but both really to hurt to ever admit love. It didn't stop the two from mating though, and that's how Skie and his brother and sister came to be, pups of two emotionally broken wolves. Skie's sister died a couple weeks after birth, for reasons none of them knew, leaving just he and his brother Liam.

The two brothers grew up constantly competing with each other, and even against their parents wish's the pups constantly sparred and hunted together, pushing one another to do better. They really only had each other, since once they came of the age of six months their parents seemed to drift away from them more and more. They began to rely on one another, never leaving the other's side. At about eight months their parents left completely, for reasons neither of the pups knew, but they weren't that affected by it, in fact, they just continued to care for each other. They only finally split because of a difference of opinion in joining a pack. Unlike Skie, Liam wanted to stay a loner, and simply wouldn't follow Skie when he left to find and join a pack at the age of one year. Ever since then the brother's have been apart, not really angry at each other, just separated by a want for different paths. It wasn't long before Skie now found himself at the edge of Incendio, determined to find acceptance.

(Since Sib is gone, and I can't come to think I must part with this account... Skie's my solution. xD)

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PostSubject: Re: Skie (Done)   Skie (Done) EmptyMon Jun 10, 2013 6:19 pm

Once you've changed your profile stuff over from sib to skie this will be accepted and you may post at the border!
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Skie (Done)
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