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 Buck - Male

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PostSubject: Buck - Male   Buck - Male EmptyMon Jun 10, 2013 6:08 pm

Out of Character Information

Position: Owner
Gender: Female
Contact Me: PM
Date Joined: The beginning.
RP Characters: Xerxses, Andromeda, Trilogy, Victoria, Luther
Who Referred You: Mine.

Character Information

Name: Buck
Age: 2 years
Gender: Male
Species: Arctic Wolf
Pack: Kachle
Rank: Warrior

Buck - Male BuckReference1_zps502ccf2a
Appearance: Buck is a bit smaller than his brother, Blizten Jr, but not by much. He has the same white fur as his parents, though his is more of an off-white and looks dirtier than that of the rest of his litter. He also is the only pup from the litter to share his father's dark brown eyes. Also, as a pup, his fur doesn't lay as flat and smooth as the rest of his siblings, instead it sort of, sticks up a bit and makes him look rather fluffy.

As he grew to his full size, it was clear that the only pup of the litter that would be larger than him was his brother, Blitzen Jr. However, Buck is still a force to be reckoned with. He is a powerful and bulky male, though at the same time he is capable of being fairly agile and swift, if the need arises. His fur is a dirty-white, which is basically a thick, white undercoat with some gray scattered over his back, face, shoulders, and tail.

Buck - Male Personalitybanner
Buck is a complex wolf. He is very intelligent, though like his father, his thoughts tend to remain inside of his head unless he sees it very necessary to inform those around him of them. He is very analytic, and often tends to observe situations rather than interact with others and join in on the 'drama'. He is a quiet male, though when he gets to know others he tends to be at least a bit more social. Occasionally. He is intensely loyal, as well as loving and dedicated, though he can also be quite stubborn and difficult - especially with things that he holds dear or feels very strongly about. As he got older, he threw himself into training to become the best warrior he could, if only to show his uncle what he could do and make the father he'd never met proud. But whatever the reason, he pushed himself - as always - to be the best he could be, and that is something that he'd always do, regardless of the situation and importance.

Buck - Male 1HistoryBanner2
Buck was born into the Zakruta pack only a few days after they split from the main pack. He was born into a litter of four pups, and since his father's death brought on the infamous pack split, he never knew him. He grew up within his mother's pack, taken care of by the entirety of the pack, even his mother's brother, Sibirskiy - the former alpha, who left the pack and returned as an omega. He and his siblings grew quickly, until just before their first birthday, his sister Cricket and his brother Blitzen Jr decided to leave the pack and go out on their own, outside of Incendio. This left him and his sister, Rylie, as the only descendants of Blitzen left with Incendio's borders.

Soon, however, many changes came upon Incendio. The Zakruta pack took over Krajina lands with the Roztok wolves, and eventually, Roztok and Kachle overtook the Zakruta lands. This forced the remaining members of the small Zakruta pack to find a new pack or leave the valley. Buck chose to join the Kachle, determined to make his own start and become his own wolf instead of crawling to his aunt and uncle in Roztok.

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Buck - Male
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