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 White Fang

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White Fang

White Fang

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PostSubject: White Fang   White Fang EmptyFri Jun 14, 2013 12:43 am

Out of Character Information
Gender: Female
Date Joined: 12-11-30
RP Characters: Thunder and White Fang
Who Referred You: Google
Character Information
Name: White Fang
Age: 1.5 Years
Gender: Female
Species: Arctic Wolf
Pack: Roztok
Rank: Warrior
White Fang Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTUpw4Dkla8wKeXZvW15Pv2udH5ZUsQDBBBLFTJd2HJLCI52axOxw
Appearance: White Fang looks like your average arctic wolf. Her fur being a snowy white and her eyes, a golden honey yellow. Even though she was the runt of her litter, size never placed her down and she'll try her best to protect the lands of Roztok. Her fur is always spiked, never smooth nor fluffy.
Personality: White Fang is a wolf who will stand by your side till the very end. She won't put herself before her pack, never did and never will. White Fang can be quite mischievous due to her curiosity. She can be over dominant and proud but she'll never do it to an amount that it will tick someone off. White Fang is always out-doing it, which often leads her to trouble. And she can become really stubborn if she doesn't get it her way.
History: White Fang never had a forever pack. Her packs were either torn apart or overwhelmed because of all of the pack members. Her father, King, was the Head Warrior of her original pack. He was large giving him the upper hand in the fighting experience. One day he took, Avalon, the pack's Head healer as his mate. They made 6 beautiful pups, White Fang being the runt, and her brother, Halo, as the "Tiny Alpha". King loved all of his pups, but he cared for White Fang the most. The pack disagreed with King's behavior, because being a runt was a sign of weakness, in this pack. She would most likely be placed in omega position, because of being a runt. King didn't care what they thought about his actions. 8 months later, the pups were given ranks because the pack was weak at the time. Prey had migrated early and winter was near. Halo and most of her siblings were Warriors. King snarled at the alpha, Maxis, when he announced that White Fang will be the pack's omega. He knew that was a runt but she deserved better.
Maxis attacked King when he snarled, and that lead to a brutal fight. White Fang watched in terror as her father fought against Maxis. She knew he would kill Maxis with all of his attacks. White Fang cover her eyes with her paws as the 2 wolves brawled. Maxis laid still on the floor, breathing slowly as King bit down on his neck. White Fang watched as Maxis' eyes got cloudier and cloudier, finally the young wolf yelped "Stop!" King looked down snapping out of his rage. He stared at White Fang and his mate, then said softly "I am... sorry..." King sat a few feet away from Maxis'. Maxis stood up slowly then attacked the unexpecting male. King was thrown onto the ground, Maxis biting at his neck. King eyes closed slowly, White Fang watching as he died. Maxis finally got off of King and snarled at White Fang. She was thrown out of the pack...
White Fang knew how to hunt, but with the big migration, hunting wouldn't be easy. Prey was scarce and White Fang nearly starved to death, but a wolf name Wind, brought her to her pack for healing. Once White Fang was in full health, Wind offered for her to stay with her and her pack, but White Fang refused. She would never live close to where her original pack resides. 2 months passed and White Fang learned to live on her own. Much larger wolves would challenge her for the prey she caught, but she would defeat them. She had speed on her side, so she was much faster than others. One day White Fang wanted to be part of a pack again, so she visits borders of other packs, hoping to find a pack to call her own.

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PostSubject: Re: White Fang   White Fang EmptyFri Jun 14, 2013 12:46 am

Hey, just realized that the personality is a bit short, it needs 200 words, if you can fix that that'd be great!
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White Fang
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