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 Reunited (Kraven)

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PostSubject: Reunited (Kraven)   Reunited (Kraven) EmptySat Jun 22, 2013 7:34 pm

She'd recognized her son the moment that she'd seen him at the pack borders, but she had held her tongue at the time, as she did not want the alpha to know about the relationship between herself and the newest member of the pack. Kraven had been accepted into the pack without any issues, and now she found herself entering the Haunted Forest, assuming it to be the best place to find her obviously troubled offspring. His state of mind nor his physical state surprised her, though the fact that he was alive and asking to join a pack did. But she was sure he had his reasons, and she would be sure to find them out eventually. For now, she had a proposition for him, and as she moved through the strange forest, she let her pace slow as she looked for any signs of her son moving about.

After a while, when she'd reached near the center of the forest, she stopped, sitting down and curling her tail around her paws. Her thick fur hid most of her scars from her time with the pack that had sired Kraven and his brother, but the scars on her face were not as easily hidden. But she cared little for looks, and though she turned her head to flatten out some fur on her shoulder with her tongue, she put little effort into her appearance at the moment. Not to say that she wasn't attractive, that was already proven wrong by the way she had the alpha basically wrapped around her paw. But that just came naturally to the female, and though it had been a curse in her past, she'd learned to use it as an asset for her future. And it would once again come in handy, should Kraven see things the same way she did in regards to this pack they were now both members of.
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Reunited (Kraven)
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