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Available Positions:
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 Jarkoli - Silent One

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PostSubject: Jarkoli - Silent One   Jarkoli - Silent One EmptySun Jun 30, 2013 7:06 pm

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June 30, 2013
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Haven's Grove

Character Information

3 and 1/2 years
Beta Male/Hunter/Healer

Jarkoli - Silent One Wolf-in-winter
Jarkoli is an average looking gray wolf, only that he is remarkably bigger than most. He stands from paw pads to the top of his back at 34 inches tall, and is 63 inches long from his nose to the end of his tail. His light gray fur is mottled by random patches of brown along his belly, sides, and legs, with one long dark gray and black patch along his back from the base of his head to his tail.

Jarkoli is generally a very quiet and passive wolf, though to some he does seem a bit sad. He never smiles in the ways that wolves can smile, he doesn't give off the appearance of being happy. He does manage to be happy though, but pain and suffering have given him the ability to cover this up with ease, and he does so quite often. The most he will do to show that he is content or happy with a situation or other wolf, is that he will not glare at them. He never glares at a superior of any kind, but he does glare as a general means of showing indifference or anger towards a wolf. When he is truly angry, he can sometimes go beyond glaring. He has a way of losing his temper quickly, it doesn't take much to set him off-though only certain things will make him angry in the first place-and when he does get angry he becomes violent and the only way to stop him is to pin him until he tires or to attempt to talk him down. The first thing one will get from him upon first meeting Jarkoli is that he seems to generally not care unless you are a part of his pack, and then he defends fiercely in any way that he can.

Jarkoli was born as a disgrace from the start, he was the accidental offspring of the Alpha Female and a Male Omega of the pack Khergit. This was due to a mating period in which the Alpha Male was gone and the Alpha Female constantly in heat but dissatisfied with the other wolves of the pack, so she inspected the Omegas and found one that suited her tastes. She quickly recovered herself and attempted to apologize and beg forgiveness, but her mate was too hurt to listen, and rather than have her killed he had her banished. Jarkoli lived with his mother for two years, never knowing where he came from and quite content to not know or care, but then one day his mother became ill and was soon to die. She revealed to him his origins and begged him not to go back to pack Khergit. She died later that night, and Jarkoli grieved her death for two days, then set out in a random direction to find someone who could understand or accept him. He was turned away by three different packs during his two years alone, each time receiving scars that have since healed and been covered with his fur. Mentally the scars still trouble him, but he overcomes the pain and walks on in search of a home and a purpose.
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PostSubject: Re: Jarkoli - Silent One   Jarkoli - Silent One EmptyFri Jul 19, 2013 7:55 pm

3 things,

First please choose one rank, though the beta position is given by the alpha to a wolf that has earned it, and is not an immediate option for new members.

Second, in your history you mention "she chose one of the omegas". There is only one Omega in a pack and they are typically not allowed to mate. (Technically only the alpha pair mate, but for the sake of the role-play, we will allow an omega mated pair, but both would be omegas.) But there would not be multiple omegas to choose from.

Lastly we are not currently accepting overly large wolves.

However, after you make a few changes, we would be more than happy to accept your biography!

Welcome to Incendio!!
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Jarkoli - Silent One
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