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 Clancy, finished!

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Clancy, finished! Empty
PostSubject: Clancy, finished!   Clancy, finished! EmptyWed Sep 04, 2013 2:05 pm

Out of Character Information

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September 4, 2012
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The "Age of the Wolves" site.

Character Information

One and a half years
Red wolf

Clancy, finished! Url?sa=i&rct=j&q=red+wolf&source=images&cd=&docid=iJszK0UBfIODMM&tbnid=aiDXElrlTH-qqM:&ved=0CAUQjRw&,d
Clancy looks just like what her name means; a red haired warrior. Her coat is as red as it gets, and appears a smokey orange to the eye. It is covered by faint darker hairs on her back, face and tail. She also has a lighter white lower coat from her chin to the end of her tail. Her eyes are average an brown, with flecks of gold you can only see in the sunlight. Her actual build is quite slender, resembling a coyote in a way. This is most likely because of the coyote blood present in red wolves.

Clancy was always confident. This was due to being the alpha female in her littler, and it also makes her very intimidating to lower wolves. However she would much rather have a role like a beta, and being an alpha wolf wouldn’t give her much relaxation time. But nonetheless her present is noticed in a room. She is also very cautious, putting her trust only in wolves that she befriends. But she somehow has an invisible layer that you have to break through before she will treat you as a good friend, not just another wolf in her pack. She is somewhat quiet, but not shy. You could call her an introvert, but she also has extrovert qualities. There include being very open-minded, and tending to argue very strongly if she wishes. Another of her attributes is the want to be alone sometimes. She is very social, and loves to be with others, but tends to get agitated by others quite often, having a short temper. Being alone with the wind and the trees simply makes her feel at peace, in her own world. She wishes to find a friend, though; one that can make her feel happy after being separated from her family.

Clancy was born to a small, four wolf pack on the outskirts of the forest.  She had one sibling- a male called Caldur. She was the dominant one, and usually pinned him down easily. Of course, Caldur was quite runty so it was basically common sense. One day, Caldur and the rest of the wolves went out to hunt. Clancy was in charge of guarding the den until they came back at sundown. So she waited in the den all day, nawing on old rabbit bones and surveying the territory. But as the sun went down farther and the night air blew through her fur, she became worried. They had never been this late coming back from a hunting trip. But, maybe they were just resting in a den for the night? She couldn’t know. So, and she began tracing her family’s scent.  After all, she was quite hungry and maybe she could join there hunt. But, when she was only about a quarter mile from the den, a storm came, drenching the forest floor with rain water, and making it impossible to track her family. This terrified Clancy, and she started to run like a cheetah, covering miles in a matter of hours. She despartly ran in one direction, but soon realized that she was lost. And had made the worst decision of her life- leaving her den. But she was miles away now, and it was hopeless to return. So she wandered for days, weeks, until her paws ached and her heart ached even more. Soon she found the border of Roztok, and presently is trying to join as a warrior.
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PostSubject: Re: Clancy, finished!   Clancy, finished! EmptyWed Sep 11, 2013 10:39 pm

Just a couple things before your bio is accepted.

First, there are just a few grammatical and spelling errors in your personality that you might want to fix up. Also, there is not really an official hierarchy of a 'litter', so your wolf wouldn't have been considered the "Alpha Female of her litter". Lastly, it doesn't look like your picture is showing up in the biography, and you can place it as your avatar in the "profile" section in the navigation bar at the top of the screen.

Once these things are worked out, let me know and I'll come take a look and accept your biography.

Welcome to Incendio!

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Clancy, finished!
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