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Available Positions:
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 Xerxses - Male

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PostSubject: Xerxses - Male   Xerxses - Male EmptyThu Feb 02, 2012 9:49 pm

Out of Character Information

Name: Buck
Position: Owner
Gender: Female
Contact Me: See Blitz's bio
Date Joined: See Blitz's bio
RP Characters: Blitz, Chaos, Molly, Aries, Casanova, Bleu, Ember, Xerxses, Tessa

Character Information

Name: Xerxses
Age: 4 years
Gender: Male
Species: Arctic Wolf
Mate: None
Pups: None
Family: Blitzen (brother - Deceased)
Strengths: Large Size, Muscle/Strength, Quick Thinker, Analytic, Determined
Weaknesses: Stubborn, Proud, His size makes him move a bit slower, Aggressive/Violent, Aloof
Pack: Roztok
Rank: Warrior

Xerxses - Male XerxsesRef
Appearance: Xerses is a large wolf, his size rivaling that of his older brother, Blitz. He is a bit smaller, however, but his appearance is nearly identical to his brother. He is completely white, with the exception of a few gray or silver hairs here and there, and dark, black skin around his eyes, accenting their deep green color. He is muscular and strong, and his size is uncharacteristic to an arctic wolf. His fur is thick and healthy, taken care of and clean, and keeps him warm regardless of the weather.

Xerxses - Male Personalitybanner
Xerses is a complex male, and sometimes doesn't even understand himself. He is intensely compulsive, and tends to act before he thinks, a trait that gets him into a great deal of brawls, most of which he comes out of with little injuries. The way he takes care of his fur and body is surprising, since he is covered in scars, but not many even notice because of the good condition of his fur. He is very particular with how he does things and what he does, making it difficult for him to get along with others, and also frustrates him quite often. He also has a horrible anger management problem. When he gets angry, almost nothing can stop him from releasing his fury on whatever he chooses.

He tends to remain aloof from other wolves, avoiding interraction and doing his best to keep to himself. He doesn't talk much, but when he does, his words are rarely anything but serious. Humor is almost non-existent to him, and it is rare to see him laugh or smile, even when others seem to find something extremely entertaining. When it comes to relationships with others, it's not a surprise to say that he doesn't succeed in relationships, nor does he often try. He finds it much easier to avoid them altogether, and his philosphy is quite different for strangers than that of his brother, Blitz. Where Blitz believes everyone is innocent until proven guilty, Xerxes believes everyone is guilty until proven innocent. In otherwords, he is an extreme pesemist. This doesn't help when it comes to relationships, only making things worse and more difficult for him to actually become a successful member of a pack.

Xerxses - Male 1HistoryBanner2
Xerxses was born in a litter of three, two males and a female. The three wolves spent all their time together, playing, fighting, socializing, doing whatever they wanted. All under the protective gaze of their mother and father, a pair of lone wolves who had never decided to join or start a pack. The three pups flourished and grew quickly, and soon they were too large to carry very far from the den, but still too small to travel very far on their own. One day there was a fire, and it engulfed the entire forest that surrounded their home. Blitz was instantly picked up by their father, and Trilogy, their sister, by their mother, but there was no adult to carry Xerxses to safety. The last thing that Xerxses saw as his mother leaped through the flames to safety, was the white of her tail, and then flames surrounded her.

But the fire was spreading quickly, and it engulfed the forest and filled his lungs with smoke, making him choke and cough and drop to the hard ground. The pup scrambled to his feet, sprawling off to a place where there were no flames, climbing up onto a high rock and using it to make his way over the fire. But then the stone ended, and he jumped over the flames, as far as he could, his eyes closed and his ears flat to his head. When he hit the ground on the other side, he yelped in pain, landing awkwardly on his paw and feeling stabbing pains running up to his chest. He whimpered, crying out for his mother, but receiving no reply. But lucky for him, he had landed right by the river, and he crawled into it, struggling to the opposite bank and to safety. But his father and brother were miles in the opposite direction, the fire separating him from them hopelessly. He eventually found an abandoned fox den, and curled up inside it, whimpering and trembling in fear and pain.

He did his best to survive, eating bugs and remains of fox kills, but there wasn't enough food that he could get to sustain himself. But it appeared that he had luck on his side when a large wolf pack stumbled upon him when he was nearly starved and took him in. It was a large pack with two alpha males, males that ruled with an iron fist, which he soon came to realize. He became integrated with the pack eventually and flourished once more, but as he got bigger, like his father, he became a threat to the alphas, especially with his uncontrollable temper. Eventually he became too much to handle, and he was ejected from the pack, but not before secretly siring at least two litters of pups that the alphas didn't know about. How could they? There were far too many wolves in the pack for them to notice. But he left without his families and returned to roaming alone, this time better equipped to care for himself. It was after his time with the pack that he chanced upon Trilogy, the skinny, malnourished female only a shadow of the beautiful wolf she was meant to be.

They lived together from then on, and slowly he brought her back to health, and it didn't take too long for her to regain her strength. That was when Blitzen found them. The three were once again inseparable, and they did everything together. It didn't take them long to learn how to hunt as a team, and soon they were all just as strong and healthy as young adult wolves should be. They soon began to travel north, looking for a place to settle, finally coming across a large territory that was owned by an all-male pack. Instantly, Trilogy wanted to go around, take the long way around and avoid the pack. But, being the proud - and rather cocky - young males they were, Blitzen and Xerxses decided they wanted to go straight through. Trilogy had no choice but to follow.

They had been within the packlands for about a day or so when they were caught by a patrol of several large male wolves. Blitzen and Xerxses tried to fight, but in the end, there were too many to fight off and the three wolves were taken back to the camp as prisoners. Trilogy was kept separate from the two brothers, and from what Blitzen heard about her from the pack, she was being used as a breeding female in order to produce pups for the all male pack. However, no matter how hard they fought, no matter how hard they tried, they were just too young and inexperienced - not to mention outnumbered - and they could do nothing to help their sister. However, come spring, with no word about their sister's condition, the two brothers were released and chased from the pack lands, without Trilogy. Trying to go back for her was pointless, and though they did make an attempt, they were nearly killed for re-entering the lands. Finally they were forced to move on without her, and the two brothers moved north, into the mountains.

They traveled slowly, in hopes that their sister would somehow escape and find them, but soon it became clear that they would not see her again. Hell, they didn't even know if she was still alive. Soon it was winter once more, a foolish time to be wandering around in the mountains, but they were young, and well, foolish. That winter, a blizzard hit, covering the mountain peaks with more snow than they could hold, making the threat of an avalanche all too real to the two male wolves. They tread carefully, but one freezing winter night, the snow gave way, tumbling down the slope they had taken refuge on and sending the two brothers running for their lives. Blitzen ran to the right, hoping to dodge the crumbling snow, but though Xerxses tried to follow, he ended up veering left, in the opposite direction.

It seemed like hours before he dug himself out of the deep snow, and though he searched for Blitzen, he was alone. After a few days, he traveled on, wandering the mountains for a long time before finally chancing upon a valley within them, a valley he would come to know as Silverlight, and his new home. That was where he found his brother, Blitzen as the alpha of Silverlight, and became a warrior of the pack. They grew close once more, enjoying the pack as it flourished for some time. However, then Blitzen was killed by Coven, and the alpha's brother swore that he would get revenge one day. As the pack split up, he remained loyal to his brother's beta, now alpha, Pravin in Roztok.

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Xerxses - Male
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