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 Forum Rules (MUST READ)

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Forum Rules (MUST READ) Empty
PostSubject: Forum Rules (MUST READ)   Forum Rules (MUST READ) EmptyTue May 31, 2011 6:21 am

Out of Character Rules:

    001. All members are required to be respectful of the other members. If you have an issue that you are unable to solve with another member, Personal Message Buck or Zetos.
    002. Only one character per account is allowed, do not post for multiple characters from one account.
    003. You are allowed multiple characters, but only the first two are free, to get a second character you must have permission from either Buck or Zetos. Any further  characters MUST be bought with points. (see the points system summary here) You must remain active to be allowed to purchase these extra characters, sorry.
    004. No advertising anywhere on the site including the CBOX other than in the advertising section. (see rules in the advertising section before posting an advertisement or affiliate request.)
    005. Please do not go in-depth about your personal life, do not give out personal information either.
    006. All pictures that you post in the forum must be age appropriate. Any violations will bring about an immediate suspension.
    007. You account is considered 'active' only if you have at least 2 posts a week, if not, then your account will be deactivated. (with the exception of those that have posted in the 'absences' section.) If your account, after deactivation, remains inactive for three weeks after it's deactivation, your account will be deleted.
    008. Any signature or image that stretches the board will be resized by an admin.
    009. Swearing is allowed, but only in minimal amounts.

Role-playing Rules
. : General Roleplay : .

    001. All characters must have accepted biographies before they can be role-played. (bios must also be filled out in your profile.)
    002. No powerplaying (perfect wolves, in a fight - dodging EVERY attack, hitting EVERY time....etc. Your wolf is NOT perfect or invincible) or godmodding (controlling what happens to or what another character does without that member's consent). You control your character and your character alone. Please refrain from controlling another member's character without their consent. Also, your wolf is not perfect, nor is it invincible. Do not role-play like it is.
    003. At least 250 words per post. If you do not meet these requirements and need help please talk to a staff member or other literate role player, if you do not improve a staff member will talk to you.
    004. LITERACY. Please, people. Use complete sentences, proper grammar.
    005. Your characters must start out as loners and then must be accepted into the pack, unless you adopt a pup born into the pack. 
    006. The role-play takes place in 3rd person and past-tense. That means keep away from words like 'my', 'me', 'us', etc.
    007. This role-play is a semi-realistic wolf role-play (semi refers to the spirits). No magical or super powers, no odd coloring, no jewelry, and no wings.
    008. Swearing is allowed, but please keep it to a minimum.
    009. When talking out of character within a role-play, you must use some form of OOC (ooc, (), [], etc)
    010. Wolf-speak is not allowed to be used.

. : Mating and Fighting : .

    001. Graphic mating is NOT ALLOWED. Please, keep it appropriate.
    002. Lone wolves cannot have mates. Only pack members are allowed mates, as well as mating privileges. 
    003. A litter of pups is generally anywhere between 4 and 7 pups, and these pups must look like their parents.
    004. Graphic fighting is NOT ALLOWED. Yes, you may role-play out the fight, but please don't go into too much gross detail. 
    005. A staff member must be present for any and all fights that occur within the pack, it is your responsibility to inform the staff of any of these.

. : Aging and Death : .

    001. Your wolf must age, they cannot be young forever. Please do not change the age in your profile section though, that will make Zetos's job really hard.
    002. Your wolf will eventually die, or be killed. This is up to you, although please be realistic.
    003. Your wolf can't live longer than is typical for the average wolf. 
    004. When your wolf dies, or is killed, you must post a thread in the graveyard announcing the wolf's death.

Shop Rules
. : Purchasing : .

    001. If you are purchasing at a shop, understand that the shop owner is the person who makes the prices.
    002. Prices will be chosen before the images and the likes are made.
    003. Shop owners do NOT have to make you an image, don't be a jerk, and if they say no, then understand that that is their choice and the admins will not force them to make you an image. 
    004. When you purchase something and the image/table is delivered you will have the points transferred from your account within 24 hours of the service being completed.
    005. Is the image not to your liking? Ask the person nicely, but understand that they are using what you supplied them with and if they say no and did a good job you will still end up paying for the service.
    006. There are no points gained in this forum, don't spam.

. : Shop Owner : .

    001. There will be a monthly cost for your shops to be up, those prices you will find in the point rules.
    002. There will be a first time set-up fee, it is steep, so think before you do.
    003. Admins must approve your shop and will make it for you. 
    004. The forum is yours to play with and post in, don't be a jerk though or we will shut you down.
    005. When a request has been completed send me, (Zetos) a pm with the topic url in it so that I can see it, with the prices decided so I know what to transfer to you from the person who purchased the service.
    006. The copyright is retained to the original maker of the images, do not claim copyright on what you do not have copyright permissions to.
    007. Your forum must follow the rules of the rest of the forum, it is not a personal haven for miscreants.
    008. If you want to talk in your forum go ahead, but honestly, it doesn't make any sense to do that.

ChatBox Rules

    001. Do not advertise on the chatbox, ever, you will be banned from it.
    002. Do not link to anything that could be considered innapropriate.
    003. Respect all members within the chatbox as well.
    004. Roleplay is allowed to an extent, don't spam the chatbox and keep it civil.
    005. Literacy is still needed here, though you might drop some punctuation out please do not use excessive smilies or 'cut-words' such as: u, sup, ku or other things like that.

These rules apply to ALL MEMBERS. You must read them before role-playing or posting. Please follow all the rules all the time. If you do not follow the rules, you will receive a warning, then a suspension, then your account will be deleted and you will be banned.
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Forum Rules (MUST READ)
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