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 Leonus-Angel in White

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PostSubject: Leonus-Angel in White   Leonus-Angel in White EmptyWed Oct 30, 2013 5:58 pm

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Character Information

Timber Wolf
Kachle hopefully

Leonus-Angel in White Thestormwolves
Appearance: Leonus has light whitish-grey fur. He is quite large and has a compact, densely packed body with a lot of strong lean muscle that is often covered by his coat of thick fur. He has a piercing gaze that is both bright and sharp, complemented by his gold eyes that stand out in stark contrast against the white fur on the upper part of his face. He has a white under-side and a patches of different shades of grey running down his legs, over his shoulders and across the side of his neck. His ears are trimmed with black at the front and the side. His back is the darkest grey of all, melding smoothly into the lighter shades down his back legs.  

Leonus is the friendly, easy-going type. He's a joker and has a heart of steel in that he is brave and adventurous, almost stupidly so and likes to take on any challenge no matter how daunting or seemingly impossible. Lenous also has a wealth of patience and it takes a lot to get him angry. Leonus is always ready for adventure and always open to learn. His fault is that he bends too easily and that he is too relaxed at times.  

He was born with just one another sibling and brought up with her by a loving, kind mother. His father was never mentioned by his mother but from the way she spoke about him, Leonus knew he was a cruel, callous wolf. As Leonus grew older, he was taught what various uses there were for the fauna and flora around them. He learnt about the healing properties of plants and fruits and soon became an expert. He wanted to find out more about the outside world and so did his sister. With the approval of his mother he went with his sister, Zirca, promising they'd return in one year's time and making sure he'd look after his younger sister. They hunted for themselves, taking down easier prey such as deer or rabbits in order not to get hurt. Then when they had grown used to it they sought out bigger prey such as elk for the last half of the year. Unfortunately things didn't  go as planned. Zirca played with it, goading it and snapping at its legs while chasing it. She lost her balance and fell. One of the elk's legs stomped onto her ribs, injuring her instantly. Leonus managed to ram into it from the side and bit one of its legs, throwing it off balance immediately. It was too late. By the time Leonus was done Zirca had died from the puncture wound to the heart from her ribs. Leonus howled for many days and nights, expressing his sorrow. He buried her in an nearby cave, covering her body with a layer of spider-silk web mixed with foul spices to make sure she would not be disturbed by scavengers. Leonus decided not to return back to the pack due to feeling guilty and ashamed for not taking care of Zirca. Instead, he wandered over the lands, seeking acceptance from packs but they shunned him, seeing that he was a rogue. His travels have led him to Incendio. [/u]

(Edit: Gotta get the picture in. Something's up with the html)
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PostSubject: Re: Leonus-Angel in White   Leonus-Angel in White EmptyMon Nov 04, 2013 3:49 pm

You're almost there with the biography, however, your personality section does not meet the minimum length requirements.

Also, I did want to note that in your appearance, you state that your character is large but also compact, which is a bit contradictory. Compact indicates small, where large is well, large.

Please make the necessary changes and a staff member will look over your biography again.

At this time, Membership Pending.
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Leonus-Angel in White
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