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 Zorganorg's Bio

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PostSubject: Zorganorg's Bio   Zorganorg's Bio EmptyWed Nov 06, 2013 10:41 pm

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Nov. 6 2013
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Character Information

Zorganorg, Zorg for short.
2 years(In Human)
Male/Female, Male
Canis Lupus
Warrior Or Hunter

Zorganorg's Bio Black-wolf-6
Zorg has deep dark jet black fur and lightly yellow/golden eyes,He is a very large and tall wolf that is Ready to fight always. He is 98 lb. and 34 In. tall. He is 63in long, Tail to Nose.

Zorg is a very Ferrous and Cautious  wolf he is always ready for a fight and fights without remorse. He is kind to those who befriend him but Uneasy to those who don't. His attitude reflects this to everyone he meets there are no second chances in his book. He will not judge you right away but he wont let you get close to him ether. He listens to his commander/Leader without hesitation. He is a quiet and short tempered. His rage is released when he he fights he uses it to his advantages. He believes that creation was created by chaos. He relies on logic a lot, Its his only true trust and he get irritated when people don't listen to him. He likes to rest when he's not active and running about. He promises to take out everything that stands in his way to Find his perfect life. He hates being alone it makes him angry to not have anyone for him. He believes that life is meant not to be a game but a test to see if you are worthy for what is after life. He doesn't know whats in store for him but thats part of his test of life, What is t come for him is unknown.

Zorg's family has always been loners, His father wasn't there when he was born. His took care of him entail he left because she told him, His test has begun. He didn't understand what she meant but then she explained it to him. How his life was his test for what was after so, He left. He traveled alone for a long time and he never had seen anyone he was sad and irritated for a long time, but he found his way to survive alone so he moved in to an abandon cave near the edge of the haunted forest and the mountains. He loves his nice small cave and he can get small game from the forrest next to his cave. He loves the felling of hunting and killing game. Soon he left his cave and started to explore the mountains he didn't find much but more caves then he saw some bones in one he thought he might be getting closer to a pack so he turned back. But the curiosity Called him back and he felt like this was a big part of his test he fought it for a while and tried leaving but he couldn't. So he decided to follow the bones and continue.
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Zorganorg's Bio
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