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Available Positions:
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 ✦Willowshines Biography✦

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PostSubject: ✦Willowshines Biography✦   ✦Willowshines Biography✦ EmptySun Nov 03, 2013 4:53 pm

Out of Character Information

Gender: Female
Date Joined: November 3rd 2013

RP Characters: Willowshine
Who Referred You: No one I just searched top wolf rpg's and thought this looked super awesome.

Character Information

Name: Willowshine
Age:  2.3 years
Gender:  Female
Species:  62% Arctic Wolf - 11% Grey Wolf - and 27% Unknown

Pack: Roztok Pack please!

Rank:  Beta Female or Alpha Female would be soooooo cool!

✦Willowshines Biography✦ Images29
Appearance: Willowshine is a kind hearted she wolf with long white fur. She has icy blue-ish eyes and a tap of grey on her muzzle and paws. She has long legs good for agility and speed. Her fur is fluffy but doesn't get in her way. She has very long sharp teeth and no scars yet. Her tail is long and it curls a little bit on the end. All her claws are black but her pads are dappled in peach/pink.

Personality:  Willowshine is very kind hearted and knows how to keep a pack straight. She is strict when it comes to rules and makes sure everyones in line. She's not bossy or pushy but she just thinks it's best not to be a rule breaker. When her temper snaps she gets very, very, VERY aggressive and all of her kind heart goes away. She loves making new friends and helping others. She’s playful to and loves watching over pups. Sometimes though she feels her life is an act but she carries on. She’s mentally strong, knows how to take care of herself, and has a kind lovely heart. Some of the things her foster mom had told her was, “Willowshine, you must carry on and be strong no matter what happens, you must not harm unless it must be done, and you always must give your thanks...” Willowshine is wise and never gives up hope. “Sometimes, you must find brave in the weak.” Willowshine is usually happy and perky but never will forget the loss that tugs at her kind heart. Her thoughts sometimes cloud over letting out anger and remembering everything she’s ever lost and how much of it is gone now...

History:  When Willowshine was a young pup her parents had been killed trying to save her from a grizzly bear that had wandered onto their territory. The bear didn't even care he had crossed fresh borders and had killed both of her parents and almost Willowshine as well. A young she wolf named Alcia-Rose had heard the loud howls and cries of pain and had immediately smelled milky pup scent. By the time she reached the area I was under a bush whining with my paws over my eyes. She had cheered me up and took me in as one of her own. Since she didn’t have milk I started to eat meat at a very young age. She would chew it up for me since my teeth were weak. Today thats why my teeth are so large and strong. She made me a warm den and soon I started to forget that she wasn’t my real mom. She had taught be kindness and love, but fighting skills as well. I loved her as much as any pup would love their mom. Finally one day I was old enough to start to learn to hunt. She was showing me the crouches and scents of different things and it was time for my first small kill. I had spotted a rabbit something easy and good for my size. I had crouched and began stalking the rabbit with no sound of paws hitting the soft earth. I leaped forward gracefully using my back legs to spring off from and bit down hard. I was about to turn around to show Alcia-Rose my first kill then I realized she wasn’t there. There was no scent of her either. I began to worry then heard a loud howl and a screech of pain. I ran toward the sound feeling the blood pulsing through my ears. When I got to a large mossy area filled will large boulders and sharp rocks I saw two sets of full paws except one had blood on them. I began to sniff around and then saw a small pool of blood under a huge boulder. I realized it was spreading around and dripping down rocks. Then I saw Alcia-Rose’s fur cuffed around a bushy plant. I let out a loud echoing howl of grief and whines of sadness. After a while it turned to anger. My eyes blazing like fire set out to find the second pair of paws with no scent. I was determined but sadly never found it. As seasons went by I began to retrace what she said and know that if I stayed like this in grief it would get me no where. I sadly carried on with life. In the end she carried on with a happy life and the knowledge she has today.

Comments (added myself):  I understand in history you said please no sad stuff and all that but this is what happened and in the end she was happy that at least she learned what she learned. You don't have to accept it but it would be totally awesome if you would! ^^ Thank you! P.S awesome layout for the website!

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✦Willowshines Biography✦
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