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 Mauser Character Bio

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PostSubject: Mauser Character Bio   Mauser Character Bio EmptyTue Jan 15, 2013 1:05 am

Position: Member
Gender: Male
Contact Me: Yahoo: Mosin.Nagant420
Date Joined: Jan 1 2013
RP Characters: None.... Yet

Character Information

Name: Mauser
Age: 5
Gender: Male
Species: Grey Wolf
Strengths: Keen Eyesight, Honest, Steadfast, Sense of humor, Good at tracking & hunting
Weaknesses: Cautious, Shy, Slow to trust, Heat Intolerant, Terrified of Spiders
Pack: Undecided
Rank: Loner

Appearance: Mauser is a stout creature, weighing approx 100 lbs. His coloring is light Grey with a white blaze on his muzzle. He appears to be somewhat un-kept and shaggy as he has lived on his own in the mountains for his entire life, ever since he ventured out on his own.

His distinctive features include a corner cut from his right ear along with a very slight limp, an injury from a hunt long ago. His muzzle also shows a few scars, some well hidden by the fur and a few visible on his nose and the tip of his muzzle. Most likely acquired from some of his extensive hunting experiences.

Personality: Mauser is somewhat shy at first, having been a loner for so many years. He is slow to trust and always wary, but is very loyal and dedicated once he feels secure. Although shy, he is a curious creature by nature and finds pleasure in exploring new places and above all, enjoying the fantastic view while sitting upon the vantage point of a high peak. Uncomfortable around large groups, he generally prefers to do his own thing. Using his strength and eyesight to hunt on his own, he has managed to feed himself ever since he left his mother's pack.

Mauser has a good sense of humor, and can be playful but again, this is a difficult part of his personality to reveal. He enjoys sleeping and relaxing when he can and is always up for a swim! He absolutely loves winter, especially snow, and despises hot weather. This may be because of his hatred of insects, specifically spiders and other crawly creatures.

Finally, he is slow to anger, having avoided several confrontations by simply leaving. However, if cornered or drawn into a fight he will surely defend himself and those he loves. (Whomever they may be)

History: Mauser's history is somewhat ambiguous. Having lived on his own for more than 4 years with little interaction, he has learned to fend for himself quite well.

Shortly after leaving the pack that his family belonged to, He began to venture east, spending many months lost in the jagged valleys of the Eastern Mountains. His first winter was the worst. Never will he forget the time when he was successful in his first solo hunt. Somewhat clumsy by nature, he did not take down the deer in the normal fashion, but managed to get trampled underfoot by the creature before tumbling down a steep slope into a icy, rushing creek below. Yes, he had food... But he nearly froze to death that winter night. The next morning he woke to find sleet and snow falling from a dark grey sky, his fur matted and frosted and the deer he had eaten on frozen nearly solid.

Hearing what must be scavengers nearby, he set off east again with a limp from the encounter with his prey, pushing on hard to keep his body warm. He found shelter beneath a rocky outcrop that night, just in time as the sky had darkened further and the weather had made a distinct turn for the worse. Mauser lived in his shelter for the remainder of that winter, making short excursions to hunt rabbit and other small creatures, having decided not to chance a large kill like a deer again on his own.

As the first buds appeared on the trees and the warm breath of spring began to warm the valley, he began to explore further each day. It had been more than half a year now, and he had not met or even seen sign of another wolf. So he continued to hone his hunting and tracking skills, exploring his small valley and occasionally climbing to the top of the ridge to view the opposite valley for signs of life or perhaps a pack.

Life went on like this for several more years before the game in the area became scarce. Having no choice, he set off again to the east as always since he had grown up hearing of the nearly impassible peaks that towered in the west. As winter began to set in again, he found himself in a new place... A place called Incendio.

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PostSubject: Re: Mauser Character Bio   Mauser Character Bio EmptyTue Jan 15, 2013 1:15 am

Accepted. Just make sure you get a picture of him up there and put all this info on your profile as well.
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Mauser Character Bio
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