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Available Positions:
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 Pack Ranks

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PostSubject: Pack Ranks   Pack Ranks EmptySun May 26, 2013 10:28 pm

Pack Ranks

    Alpha: The pack alpha is the highest ranking member in each pack. If the alpha takes a mate, then the female becomes Alpha female. That is the ONLY way in which this happens. Occasionally a wolf may challenge the current alpha for the position, however, a staff member MUST be present, and this HARDLY EVER OCCURS. (you basically must have permission from Buck to challenge an alpha)

    Beta: The pack beta is second in command. These wolves can accept loners into the pack, lead patrols, and hold meetings. The beta wolf demands respect, and deserves it. This position is appointed by Buck or Zetos.

    Warrior: The pack warriors are the pack protectors. These wolves are lead and trained by the Head Warrior, and are generally the most aggressive of the pack wolves. They are the ones who go into battle, participate in patrols, and keep the pack safe. (unlimited positions)

    Hunter: The pack hunters provide for the pack. They are led by the head hunter, and are generally thin and agile. These wolves are the fastest in the pack, and participate in hunts in order to provide food for the storage den. (unlimited positions)

    Healer: The healer is the wolf that is chosen by the alpha to guard over the pack's heritage as well as heal the sick and wounded. To be chosen as a healer is an honor, and there are few who are given such an honor. (limited positions – one healer per pack)

    Pack Member: These members are those that have not yet chosen a specific rank. Typically these wolves are youngsters, and they are required to chose a rank within a year of their integration into the pack. (unlimited - but cannot be held for longer than a role-play year)

    Omega: The pack omega is the lowest ranking member of the pack. These wolves are often the 'scape goats' of the pack, as well as the wolves that defuse tension between members. Their job is important, although they are the lowest ranking pack member. NOTE: These wolves are not here to be abused. The Omega are protected by the alphas and betas from serious harm, and although they must submit to ALL pack members, do not physically or mentally abuse our omega. We love them <3 (only one wolf can have this position)

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Pack Ranks
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